The Anecdote of Mr. Andreas Szakacs

An ambitious young enthusiast from Sweden, Mr. Andreas Szakacs turned into an iconic entrepreneur with his multiple feats. He is the CEO of a Forex Trading Platform, owner of a Bank, successful venture capitalist and a well-known philanthropist. Starting from scratch and without any investment, Mr. Szakacs turned tables with his zeal and seizing opportunity becoming an epitome for many in the field.

Living up to the words he quotes “Try not to become only a man of success try to become a man of value”. He delved deep to acquire the edification of to turn seemingly impossible ideas into a tangible banking system that benefits people around the globe, including developing nations. Andreas Szakacs worked extensively with European financial institutions
and considered an expert at delivering financial advising to East European companies.

Hundreds of driven entrepreneurs and financial institutions have already profited under his guidance. He endeavours to make a positive change in other’s life and teach them that earning money is not the centre of the universe.

In the process of revolutionizing the financial industry, Mr. Szakacs have managed to develop a revolutionary banking system that will benefit people from all parts of the world and make it easy for people to transfer funds globally with low costs. Having worked extensively in the
European and offshore markets, he understood clientele’s issue when it comes to financial products and the strict regulations in regard to money remittances between countries. His motto for his professional life is “Work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend, live like they dream”.

He has travelled to all continents visiting 60+ countries, exploring the world and numerous cultures and learning from different people across the globe. His favourite destination is the Caribbean, and he plans on retiring there. He enjoys playing polo and swimming as it serves him to replenish his oomph. Immense love for long drives also makes him an enthusiast for high-performance cars. A wholehearted philanthropist, he helps organizations like My big day & The fan foundation and works to eradicate poverty. He quotes “Nobody ever got poor by giving”.