The Anatomy of the Perfect PPC Ad

PPC Advertisements is the best way to improve website earnings within a short period. Powered by the search engines themselves, these advertisements help reach out to a vast audience and generate as much response as possible. But using PPC ads to the best of your advantage can be confusing at times. As Google constantly updates its algorithm to advance and update its working.

For generating instant results and gaining the maximum advantage of the PPC Ads you have paid for – its important to design the advertisements and use the campaign promotion with utter smartness. Here is the anatomy of the perfect PPC Ad that PPC Company in India run to make it a success on the internet.

A headline that suits the purpose!

The headline of the advertisement should be drafted diligently keeping the important prospects in mind. It should include the brand of company name together with a tagline that shares the relevance of the advertisement. The headline should be creative, communicative and attention-grabbing. But most of all, it should be informative, optimized with keywords and bear the company name. A perfect headline is one that brings together the beauty of the creativity in the post along with sharing the brand and product details in a glimpse so that the audience is instantly intrigued by the advertisement. 

A perfect image for the perfect impression!

A PPC Ad should contain an image on the background or on the side to make the advertisement both interesting and relevant for the audience. An image adds depth to the poster while making it instantly communicative. Much before the words do the talking, the image engages the customers. But there is a need for the image to not overwhelm the consumers and keep it subtle. There should be enough space for the headline, tagline and other content too. A high-quality engaging picture that relates to the brand/company and goes well with the PPC Advertisement sets the impression right.

State the benefits

For a banner to earn a click from the user, the user should know about the benefits of clicking on it. The advertisement should have enough capturing content on it to earn that interest from the audience. State at least two benefits of the brand/product on the advertisement within 7 to 10 words each to make the right impact. Choose the right words according to the promotional style and mention the benefits. For instance, a PPC Ad for an ongoing sale could include the discount rate available to the audience, kind of collection displayed, etc. Mentioning the benefits persuades the relevant audience to click on the banner instantly.

Call-To-Action Buttons

A call-to-action button is where the advertisement makes a difference for the website owners. The buttons call for action from the audience and thus should be highlighted in bold fonts, large texts, and colors that are trustworthy and reliable like blue, green, etc. The Call-To-Action buttons should be specific to what is being done. Use the traditional methods of luring in the customers by making the CTAs speak ‘Buy Now’, ‘Find out more’ etc. Make sure that CTAs are designed to improve the trust of the customers and make them click, making these buttons flashy and shiny can make them repel from the action.

Create ad segments

Diving advertisements into segments makes it more informative and catchy. When designing an advertisement banner for online websites always have an image and segmentized text areas to align the headline, tagline, content, benefits, brand details, etc. This way the right information is translated to the audience in the right way thereby improving the readership. As the advertisement then gets created with wholesome information and quality designing, it creates more impact on the audience.

The content is the king!

The content or the copy should not be lengthy or too much for a customer to read. Keep the information short, informative and to the point. Get creative with the ideas and share the information in as few words as you can without boring the audience. As most of the audience will only read a word or two from the advertisement, the content has to be appealing in limited words. But in ode to share the information in fewer words, make sure that the language and grammar used are compatible with most of the audience targeted. Tough language, vogue writing, or confusing phrases can fail to attract attention from the audience.

Multiple landing pages for the specific ads

When running a PPC advertisement, the key is to drive the traffic to a certain webpage on the website. And the smartest way to do it is to make specific PPC Ads for the specific landing pages. The advertisement and the landing page should have relevance. Forcing the potential customers to navigate through the website to find the specific page isn’t going to work and will make them change their minds midway. The best way for an easy sale generation is to guide the audience to the specific landing pages and make them take action instantly. The PPC Company in Delhi advice to create separate PPC Ads for the separate landing pages.

Monitor the web pages

The real potential of an advertisement is only known after it goes live. As the responses start pouring in, the web page analytics reflect the statistics of which advertisement is performing better. This is the time when one should take the important decisions. If one of the ads is performing better than the others, it is suitable to channelize more funds towards the performing advertisement. Discontinue the advertisements that aren’t fetching enough results and take initiative to design a separate design for the advertisements that failed to get a good response. Optimizing the funds to gather the most attention from the audience here fetches the right results.

Running a PPC Ad successfully takes several permutations and combinations.