The amazing features of Condor ops chest rigs and Condor MOPC Multicam

You cannot go into the field without proper tactical gear. Chest rigs and MOPC (Modular operator plate carrier) Multi cams are two of the most important parts of your tactical gear. Chest rigs make it possible for you to carry your tactical gear easily. During times of emergency, a good chest rig will give you instant access to the needed equipment.

Condor ops chest rig are generally worn over tactical vests. Sometimes chest rigs may come as a part of the tactical vest itself. Chest rigs allow you to carry a ton of tactical equipment while leaving your hands free.

Condor ops chest rigs do not have any protective plates on them. It can wear the protective place separately on top of the chest rigs. Chest rigs are lighter than the tactical vest. They usually come in various sizes and forms. Most of the chest rigs will have MOLLE pockets or D-rings. Under ideal conditions, your chest piece will have both webbings as well as a bag.

A well-functioning chest rig can turn out to be one of the most important items of your tactical gear. Chest rigs are responsible for two functions: the storage of tactical gear and providing you protection. 

When buying condor ops chest rigs, you need to look at three things:

Go for the right color.

If you are thinking of using your chest rig in the Alpine environment, you should not get a chest rig with a desert camouflage color.

Get the right harness.

Chess rigs usually come with two different types of harnesses, the D harness, and the X harness. It can wear both the reins. However, you may find more comfort in a kind than the other. If you have a smaller body, the X harness may be the harness of choice for you.

Choose a chest rig that fits you well.

You should easily be able to store away and get items out of your chest rig.

As I mentioned above, the MOPC Multicam is a staple part of the tactile and military communities. The Condor MOPC Multicam is made with high-quality ballistic nylon and can withstand years of abuse. The MOPC Multicam is compatible with a large selection of MOLLE pouches and tactical vest accessories. It can customize the ballistic plate to suit your needs. 

It can easily access your ballistic plates from the Condor plate carrier by using the easy access put-down flaps present on the plate pocket. The Condor MOPC Multicam also contains a detachable and adjustable cummerbund. The front and back armor compartments have a loop and hook panel for adding identification panels or if they are needed to serve as extra attachments for patch panels or MOLLE pouches. Overall, the condor mopc multicam provides high comfort without draining a person’s wallet.  

A good ops chest rig and MOPC Multicam can make all the difference between winning and losing. Therefore, choose these two components of your tactical your very wisely.