The Affordable Alternative To Plastic!

With technology replacing our products, the authenticity and feel of handmade articles are long forgotten. As more and more people are inclining towards plastic products, the burden is increasing on our Mother Earth in the form of pollution.

In this generation, plastic has taken over all our ancestral arts. Be it the decoration of our living room or gifting someone a present, there is plastic everywhere. The increase in undeniable usage of plastic is taking a toll on us. All the plastic disposed by us, lays non degraded for several years. We all are aware with the environmental problems this has caused us. We consider this planet as our Mother. That’s why we refer it as Mother Earth. Of all the benefits this Mother has bestowed upon us, can’t we return her with something other than garbage?

This year, we should take a pledge to protect our Mother Earth.

This year, let’s put an end to plastic products!!

We, at Indycult design the best handmade products in India using 100% handmade paper Mache art.

Our art pushes you back to the Indian culture. With art representing the cultural diversity of our country, we protect the authenticity of Indian values.

Our Art:

We exclusively design and create paper Mache articles that are a pure reflection of the creativity of the artist. These papers which we use are 100% up cycled and recycled. We can provide paper Mache products with customized art to redecorate your living room. We take care of your status and taste in art. Our products are made to suit the style of everyone at the same time it allows you to do your part in saving Mother Earth.

We also design products of earthen art. Being eco-friendly and affordable is the main reason you should dump plastic and utilities this more often. We customize our earthen products according to your preferences to provide you a wonderful experience and in return you can think it as a memoir for saving Mother Earth.

With eco-friendly photo frames, handmade posters, lamp shades, fridge magnet, we provide you with a collection of the best handmade products in India for you to gift your loved ones.

So the next time you want to gift someone, or decorate your home order our exclusive handmade products from

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Indycult–India’s favourite destination of handmade eco-friendly products.