The advantages of working with a professional painter in Dublin

Few of us would consider doing some projects and duties on our own, such as installing a new engine in a car, rewiring your home’s electrical system, chopping down a 60-foot tree in the garden, or tiling the roof. When works like these need to be done, we usually hire a professional because we know they have the skills and knowledge to execute the job correctly, safely, and effectively. So it’s surprising that so many people feel they can paint and decorate their own homes and expect a decent outcome, even if the last time they painted was in high school art class.

The reality is that painting is a highly skilled task, and achieving a professional, long-lasting finish on your internal and outdoor walls requires understanding of paints, procedures, colour management, and preparation. So, if you’re considering painting your home, here are some reasons why you should hire a professional.

A higher standard of finish

The quality of the finished product is the biggest advantage of employing a professional painter. While anybody may paint the walls, a professional job needs knowledge and planning. A skilled painter will take the time to thoroughly prepare surfaces so that paint adheres and the finished product is smooth and long-lasting. It may be necessary to remove old paint, fill in holes, sandpaper rough sections, and then mask fixtures, furniture, and fittings that need to be protected from splashes. A professional will also know which primer is ideal for walls and which paint is suitable for each surface and space type.

The priority is safety

Some paints emit hazardous vapours that might injure your pets and family. When applying or removing such paint, a competent painter will take care. It can also be physically hazardous. When painting outside, keep in mind that two or three-story structures will necessitate the use of ladders. Not only does it require skill to secure things safely, but it also demands the ability to concentrate and perform well while poised 30 feet above the earth. Professional painters employ scaffolding and harnesses in addition to ladders, something that the ordinary Joe is unlikely to be familiar with.

Expert knowledge and vendor advantages

Do you understand how local building standards and regulations may effect your new paint job? Do you know where you can get the greatest paint for the least money? Most likely, you’ll have to say “no” to these queries. A professional painter, on the other hand, will be aware of any local painting regulations and will have long-standing ties with paint and home improvement stores. They’ll also be able to purchase a wider selection of paint, saving you money on markup.

The necessary equipment

Many homeowners have never heard of, let alone used, the equipment that a professional painting firm has. Paint sprayers, scaffolding, specialty rollers, pipe painters, and other tools are among them. Of course, homeowners can engage such services, but they seldom do so since they lack the necessary skills. Contractors don’t just have the gear; they also have expert team members that can assist them in completing a project fast and efficiently.

Save your valuable time

We all have jobs and obligations, and the last thing you want to do at the end of a hard day or on the weekend, when time is limited and other people are vying for your attention, is put on your overalls and start painting. You save time for yourself and your family by hiring this task out to a professional. This includes not just the painting time, but also the preparation and cleanup time. Of course, hiring a contractor will be more expensive than doing it yourself, but you may save money in the long term since you will have a professional finish that lasts longer. Especially if you have to conduct touch-ups and makeovers or wipe up spills and splashes when doing it yourself.

Licensing and insurance

Alex Trend Painters Dublin, for example, is a fully certified, insured, and bonded painting contractor. So, in the unusual event that an accident occurs in your house, you will be protected. You know that a professional painter will follow your contract’s conditions and complete the task you’ve requested within the timeframe you set. Contractors will also have undergone environmental programmes, as well as programmes on the handling of particular chemicals and paints.

Contact us now to learn more about the many advantages of choosing a professional painting business like Alex Trend Painters Dublin. We’d be delighted to provide you with a quote or to answer any questions you may have.

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