The Advantages of Adding a House Extension

House Extensions

Extending your house may come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider extending upwards: in some cases, there is already a first-floor roof to build on, while in others, individuals will extend into the loft. Then there’s adding on to the side of a home with a first- or second-floor extension, a porch, or a conservatory, or maybe the most common, adding on to the side of a house with a cellar area.

Moving house or expanding your home are two possibilities to consider if you want a new home design or more room for your growing family. When you love your house and the neighbourhood where you live, but the property no longer meets your stylistic and functional demands, it can be tough to make this decision. The first thing to think about is the price, which may be rather high when buying a house. You will need to save not just for the original cost of the property, but also for stamp duty and attorneys’ costs, which may add up quickly. Many of our clients contemplate adding an extension to their home since it offers them with greater room while cutting expenditures and allowing them to stay in their favourite home. However, before making any significant purchase, you should examine the benefits and drawbacks to see if it is the best option for you. We’ve included just a handful of the many advantages of deciding to extend to assist you in making your decision.

There are various reasons why you would want to consider expanding your house, especially with so many fantastic possibilities. Consider the following scenarios:

The Benefits of Adding a House Extension

A house extension is likely to be one of your finest alternatives if you have some more space on the back or sides of your property. While you will need to apply for planning approval from your local authorities, extending your home might be less onerous than relocating. You may take advantage of our knowledge, trustworthy service, and well renowned design talents when you choose our reputable builders in Dublin and the surrounding areas. The staff will work with you to design your ideal area, whether it’s to fit your current house architecture or to give it a fresh appearance. So, what advantages do you stand to gain by cooperating with our group? Let’s look at it in more detail.

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Area
  • Specifically Created to Meet Your Needs
  • It boosts the value of your home.
  • It adds to the number of rooms available for living.
  • It’s Big Enough to Hold a Kitchen Expansion
  • Rooms of various sizes
  • It’s a lot easier than relocating.
  • You’ll be able to upgrade as a result of this.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Area

Extending onto a big garden, driveway, or side yard seldom detracts from your outside area while adding great value to your internal space. A conservatory, for example, might serve as an additional dining area while also highlighting a garden. Similarly, a porch at the front of a house would not ordinarily take up much room, but it may provide valuable storage and security.

If you have a big yard or vacant space on the sides of your house, a house extension is a great way to expand your living area while maintaining a similar external style. This previously empty area is transformed into a luxurious home addition that may expand your living space or perhaps add a room or two to your house. This is the most effective strategy to maintain your cherished house while remaining in the same location. It provides you with additional space while also ensuring that you do not lose too much outside area.

When it comes to house extensions in Dublin and the surrounding areas, the experts can assist you in creating a room that is both functional and attractive. This involves ensuring that you maximise the amount of space available surrounding your house, as well as devising solutions that allow you to maximise space while still leaving enough land for your garden and other outside activities.

Specifically Created to Meet Your Needs

Working from home may have become practical or essential, but a workstation in the living room or bedroom can seriously disrupt your “work-life balance.” Having an office or similar location where you can lock the door at the end of the day and only come in during working hours allows your house to stay your home rather than becoming your new workplace.

The addition of a utility space is another typical rationale for house extensions for lifestyle reasons. The ability to handle your own laundry and drying at home, as well as the installation of a dishwasher, may save you time and money.

It’s difficult to discover a property that meets all of your needs and requirements when buying a house. While you may like the house, you are buying it with the aim of remodelling it, adding rooms, or changing the interior design. When it comes to building a home addition, though, you might benefit from constructing a custom area that is tailored to your needs. You may build on to an existing room or construct an entirely new area using bespoke design. It also means you can choose materials and layouts that are appropriate for your personal taste. You may make your home modern, historic, or a blend of both by changing everything from the windows to the brickwork.

Your criteria will be taken into account during your initial chat with the team before we produce a design that we feel will meet those requirements. You can then change and tweak any aspect of the design, including the layout and even the location of your plug outlets, making it very simple to construct a house that meets your needs. To go along with this design, our staff is pleased to connect you with interior designers who can help you put the final touches on your house and make it precisely what you envisioned. If you’re not sure what that vision is yet, House Beautiful’s piece could help.

It boosts the value of your home.

The basic goal of any home upgrades is to enhance value, which is perhaps the most evident. Each rationale has value in mind, whether it’s value to your family in the form of a family room, value to your guests in the form of a downstairs toilet, or value to your family in the form of an additional bedroom to keep the peace.

There is monetary worth in addition to these sorts of added value. If a property is sold, adding an extra bedroom may increase the value by roughly £20,000. Similarly, if you want to sell your property in the future, conservatories, utility rooms, and basement toilets will all appeal to potential purchasers.

One of the primary motivations for homeowners to repair their homes is to increase the value of their property by a few thousand dollars. You’ll be relieved to learn that, depending on what you do with your additional space, adding a house extension to your property might add a large amount of value. Adding a second bedroom to your expansion, for example, will add roughly 20% to the value of your home, while adding a new bathroom will add 5%. An addition may add significant value to a home, making it a good investment for those intending to sell or even to future-proof it. This lets you to relax and enjoy your new place while also knowing that if you decide to sell the home, you’ll be able to recoup your investment.

People frequently prefer to invest in house extensions in order to make their homes brighter, more contemporary, or even open plan. Terraced houses, in particular, can be quite dark, but by opening up the back of the house or adding a loft addition with skylight, a home can be radically altered.

It adds to the number of rooms available for living.

Separate leisure areas are frequently required when a family expands. Toys strewn about a room that you use for resting, watching TV, or doing work or duties such as ironing might be an issue. When you consider that the kids will probably want to watch cartoons while you want to catch up on the latest news or a soap narrative, there will always be someone who is unsatisfied with only one living room.

As you may have guessed, homeowners frequently invest in a house expansion because they need more living space. Regardless of your requirements, a home extension is one of the most cost-effective solutions to realise your vision while also providing much-needed more room. If your kitchen, for example, is a little cramped, a home addition can help you expand it or add a dining room for entertaining. A single-story extension may be converted into a playroom with plenty of storage, while a double-story extension allows you to add more rooms as your family grows.

People sometimes extend their homes simply because they require additional space. Consider a porch: now you have a place to put your shoes, Wellington boots, jackets, and other items where they belong. Similarly, if you collect anything like recreational equipment (from bicycles to kayaks), musical instruments, or even simply books, having a designated room for these items may make the rest of your home feel more spacious and frequently lot more organised.

It’s Big Enough to Hold a Kitchen Expansion

The kitchen may be a terrific area to socialise, but it can be difficult to balance cooking and social contact when the space isn’t working well. A home addition may help you expand your kitchen instead of climbing over each other, allowing you to generate extra floor space or include the style you’ve always wanted. You may have a statement item like a kitchen island in the middle of the room, or a breakfast bar that’s great for socialising. Alternatively, if your kitchen is already the right size but you don’t have anywhere to eat, a dining room might be built inside your kitchen expansion. Our experts can create the perfect luxury kitchen extension in Dublin and the surrounding regions, no matter what you desire, so don’t wait to call them today to get started on yours!

Rooms of various sizes

Additional bedrooms might be a requirement if your family develops and you don’t want to relocate to a property with more bedrooms, in addition to increasing the value of your home. Even if your children are able to share a room, it is occasionally preferable for them to have their own area in the sake of family unity. Similarly, when couples age and their sleeping habits change, it may be beneficial for everyone to have their own room (even if it’s simply a room to sleep in if someone else snores!).

You may maximise the possibilities of your house by adding a single-story, double-story, or loft expansion. There are several room options available, whether you desire an additional bedroom or space for the entire family to gather and socialise. Consider some of the following suggestions as you design your home extension:

One bathroom never seems to be enough, unless you live alone. Whether you add a bathroom to the upstairs of your home or a second toilet to the downstairs, using the bathroom becomes lot more comfortable, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by with just one!

  • Living room – Create a soothing spot to unwind and relax after a hard day at work by adding a new living room or extending an existing one.
  • Take a look at Good Housekeeping’s list of suggestions for decorating your new living room for some inspiration.
  • Because not every home has the luxury of a separate dining room, this plan is perfect for individuals who currently pack their dining table into the corner of their living room.
  • For some design ideas, see Ideal Home.
  • A games room may be anything from a playground to a place with gaming tables and a bar. As the kids become older, you can simply convert the playroom into a games room, making it a useful and adaptable home addition.
  • Bedroom: Depending on the size of your house expansion, you may be able to include many rooms or one spacious double bedroom. If you opt to build a loft expansion, for example, you will have enough area for a bedroom and an ensuite.
  • Bathroom: If your home is short on bathroom space or you want to expand your current bathroom to include a separate bath and shower, this may be done while planning and building your new home addition. The group can assist with plumbing, ensuring that every aspect of your project is handled by professionals.

Why not try a cinema room if your living room lacks the beauty essential for the perfect movie night?

For the perfect movie night, consider including a projector screen, popcorn machine, and bar area.

A walk-in wardrobe is one of the finest ways to tidy your house. To give a luxurious touch to your new home addition, you might include several wardrobes, mirrors, and vanity tables.

It’s a lot easier than relocating.

Adding an addition to your house, believe it or not, is far less difficult than relocating. There’s a lot that goes into an addition, but you’ll have the support of pros to project manage everything, including acquiring supplies and putting your investment together. When it comes to relocating, however, it is up to you to look for problems in the property, the greatest mortgage offer, and even investigate crime rates in the neighbourhood to ensure that you and your family are safe. There is a lot of planning that goes into buying a new home, such as:

  • Post reroute
  • Choosing the most appropriate energy provider
  • Do you require insurance for your contents?
  • Large and heavy objects must be moved.
  • Legal expenses
  • Taxes on stamps
  • Looking into the topic
  • Changes in schools may be necessary.
  • You’ll be able to upgrade as a result of this.

While having more room is one of the most common reasons for a home expansion, the style and feel of the home may also be a factor. When a homeowner like their surroundings but not so much their house’s style, a home extension is a great way to update the look. Because each part is custom-made for you, you may select other goods, such as windows, to complement your own design. Windows can radically alter your house when you choose the right style, material, and colour. uPVC and aluminium windows, for example, have grown in popularity as a way to give your home a more modern and durable look. You may customise every part of the design, such as tilt and turn or sliding sash windows.

Premier Builders Dublin provides a helpful guide on how to pick the correct windows for you, including design suggestions and colour combinations, to assist you in making the best decision possible.

Is It Time To Renovate Your Home?

A home addition may increase value in a variety of ways, including property value and quality of life. It is a worthy investment since the additional room it provides allows you and your family to live comfortably without having to leave your cherished house. Please feel free to contact our experts regarding house extensions in Dublin and the surrounding areas if you have a vision in mind or would like more information about design ideas to assist enhance your life.

House Extension Companies in Dublin

Home expansion is a specialty of Premier Builders and Dublin Building Services. Our extension builders have a lot of expertise with home upgrades and bespoke houses, so no matter what style of extension you’re thinking of, we can help you make it work.

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