The Accident Cases and the Supports of the Legal Experts

Road transport is the most unsafe of all available to humans. According to all data, it is road accidents that are put in first place in terms of the number of deaths and injuries. According to these parameters, cars significantly overtake railway, air and water transport.

Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death.

They occur for many reasons, including both technological and human factors. An accident can happen due to the fault of a tired driver, due to icing of the road surface or a malfunction of the brake system. However, the risk of getting into an accident is often influenced by external factors such as the day of the week, weather conditions and the quality of the asphalt pavement. There the use of the Auto accident attorney is important there.

The identification of factors that significantly affect the risk of road traffic accidents when solving the problem of improving road safety should be considered as a priority task. This will allow you to make decisions that can really eliminate the third-party causes of accidents. This example is devoted to the analysis and identification of such reasons.

Improving road safety

The findings and conclusions drawn here may be useful for improving road safety or for insurance companies planning to introduce life and health insurance programs for drivers and passengers.

To conduct an analysis in order to identify factors that significantly affect the size of an accident, a large amount of information is required. Indeed, the task at hand is very dimensional and requires a large number of observations to draw serious conclusions. A database of victims of accidents for several years was used as a source of information. There are about 100,000 records available; using random filtering, the number of original records was reduced to 10,000. The practice of reducing the sample size is often used when working with large-scale sources if you have a good random number generator, this will not affect the significance of the result, but will save time. The Car Accident Lawyer Seattle has important options there.

Reduce the number of accidents

The purpose of the research is to identify factors that significantly affect the number of victims of road accidents and build a model that allows predicting the number of victims in an accident. This is necessary for making decisions that will reduce human losses. You should keep in mind about the Zantac lawsuit  as well.

Note that for the analysis of data of this volume, Data Mining tools are often used, which allow you to analyze and find patterns that are not available for conventional statistical criteria. These methods will be partially used for exploratory analysis and predictive analysis along with the classical ones.