The 8 Best Apps For A Calm, Focused Mind

Distraction from work is the challenge everyone goes through. The major reason for distraction is the technology that we have with us. While working on a computer in your office, you are distracted from work by browsing your social profiles and surfing the internet. 

You can use technology as well to keep your mind focused and calm and avoid distractions. You can prepare your brain for hard tasks and thought like “ How I will write my thesis paper?” will not cause any problems anymore. Here are few best mobile apps that can help in this regard. 

1. Lumosity:

This app is approved by neuroscientists and helps you to improve your memory and other mental skills. You can pay better attention to your work with customized training according to your needs. You can play the games available in this app on your way to work or during lunch break to enhance your mental capabilities. 

2. GPS for The Soul:  

This app helps you to control your stress that is one of the major distraction and reduce the productivity of an individual. This app detects your stress levels by using HeartMath Technology as the first step. And the next step of this app is to reduce your stress level to get you back on track. It has images, calming quotes, and music to soothe your body and mind instantly. 

3. Pomodoro – Focus Booster: 

This app uses the Pomodoro technique to enhance your productivity. Pomodoro technique breaks down your work chunks in 25 minutes with a break of 3-5 minutes after every Pomodoro. After 4 Pomodoro it requires you to have a 15-20 minute break. You can set the timer using this app and it will alert you on each Pomodoro completion. 

4. Headspace:

This app brings a 10-day mediation program that is perfect for mindfulness practice. The app has animated videos that guide you through basic principles of mediation and brief mindful practices. 

5. The Mindfulness App: 

This a simple and sleek mobile app that is a mediation timer. You can start your day with your daily mediation practice through this app either in silence or with bells and a recorded guide. Other than a timer, you can track your progress and check how much time you are spending on each mediation practice. 

6. Mental Workout: 

Another app that is not only useful for mediation but it also helps you banish stress, sleep better, and increase focus. This app has an eight-week program that helps the newbies to learn the ropes. This app also has inspirational talks and relaxation instructions that you can listen to. 

7. MindNode: 

MindNode is a brainstorming tool and you can enhance your creativity by generating different ideas through mind mapping. It creates a visual representation of your thoughts and gives an intuitive idea. It organizes concepts and projects in colorful graphics and helps you to generate an idea. 

8. Time Out:

Normally sitting in front of a computer in your workplace makes you lazy to get a break. The Time Out app reminds you to take both micro and regular breaks from work. The break means to get your eyes off from your computer and leave your seat. A micro-break is a 10-second pause from work after every 10 minutes while the regular break is 10 minutes after every 50 minutes.