The 7 Chakras and Importance of each one

You might have heard about 7 chakras in yoga classes. Someone must have advice about how to open and work with specific chakras. According to yogis and saints of India, 7 chakras are associated with different benefits. The main purpose to know about chakras is to assist people in achieving a state of harmony and cooperation within themselves. Well, in this article we will be guiding you about 7 chakras and their importance in our daily lives.

Yoga is known as an ancient method to keep the body and mind in a well-being state. It is a simple process yet highly beneficial for the one who practices it regularly. Exercise can help one keep the body fit but yoga also focuses on the mental health of an individual. With regular practice, one can activate various chakras in the body that can offer different benefits. One needs to know these chakras in-depth before expecting the desired benefits from any of them. It is an ancient Indian system that was practiced by sages for thousands of years and their importance is identified by the modern yoga practitioners also with time.

Though awakening these chakras or activating them needs a lot of time and practice, with the help of a master you can easily achieve the desired goal of activating a particular chakra. A master who has achieved this level can help you know your inner strength and activate the chakra that can offer you the desired state of mental and physical health as well as other states of well-being in general. You can feel completely different when any of the chakras are activated.

The History of Chakras

With the growing popularity of yoga and new age philosophies, chakras have been becoming popular. It is known that chakras have a unique energy system that originated in ancient India. Chakra importancewas initially mentioned in the Vedas and considered as spiritual knowledge which one can study and know more about them. Chakras are circular vortexes of energy that are placed on the different spinal columns. These 7 chakras are connected to different glands and organs in our body. Each chakra carries a special meaning and color. Let’s get into details to know your 7 chakras.

The 7 Chakras

The 7 chakras of our body are associated with different organs and glands. They tend to remove negativity, envy, anger, wrath, and distrust from our souls.

  • The Root chakra is also known as Mooladhara Chakra which defines the relationship with mother earth. It influences our creativity, youthfulness, passion, vitality, and basic survival instincts. It is represented as red color. 
  • The Throat chakra is a symbol of our inner voice, and true ability to communicate with other people. This chakra is represented in blue color.
  • The Third eye chakra is the third chakra among all 7 chakras. It is represented in indigo color and is also known as Ajna chakra. This chakra is associated with a sense of thoughts, the ability to rationalize, thinking and logic, and analysis to reach a reasonable answer.
  • The Crown chakra is connected with light and associated with different glands and organs. It includes the pituitary gland, brain, hand, and nervous system. It is an extremely powerful gland created by the law of nature. It is represented in violet color.
  • The Sacral chakra is located right below belly button. This chakra helps you get in touch with your sexual desires. It is represented as in orange color.
  • The solar plexus chakra is located behind the naval region and below the rib cage. It is represented in yellow color.
  • The heart chakra is associated with love and compassion. This chakra is located incenter of the chest. It is represented as green color.

Why one needs to Focus on Chakra Balancing?

It is essential to know about all 7 chakras and their impact on our lives. Activating these chakras will help you notice an improvement in your body. Various methods can be opted to activate these chakras. You can create a harmonious balance in your life by influencing 7 chakras.

They help us to balance ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, channeling both personal and professional lives. Everything in our universe has unique energy in our lives. They are responsible for psychological and spiritual functions to control involuntary activities.

We hope you find this information useful regarding the 7 chakras and their importance in our daily lives.