The 6 best creams to cope recent tattoos

Whether it is to identify yourself with a cause, carry the memory of a person or reaffirm a trait of your personality, a part of your skin can become a work of art. However, it can also turn into a headache if you do not use the best products for maintenance and protection.

Before getting a tattoo, you should think about it very well, as it is an extremely important decision for the rest of your life; Although it is more than evident that these look great and give you a very personal sense of identity, a tattoo is a piece of art that is printed on your skin and therefore requires very special care. It is important that you always have among your cosmetic products a cream to cope tattoos, so below we present the 6 best on the market.

1.     Pegasus: Tattoo Ointment

A professional quality product which is formulated to treat sensitive skin;¬†this Tattoo Ointments cream is made mainly with¬†cashew oil, an¬†ingredient with antiseptic qualities that moisturizes your skin and protects it from the sun’s rays.¬†It is available in a paste tube with 25ml of cream.

A reliable product that gives you the opportunity to protect your skin and provides a vitamin booster that helps it heal more quickly after an ink session.

2.     Hustle Butter Deluxe: Vegan Butter

A vegan cream made with natural extracts of mango, coconut butter, papaya, sunflower seed oil, aloe Vera cream and green tea; It is a cream used by professional tattoo artists that is very rich in complex E vitamins.

One of the great favorites of experts around the world, it is a cream made entirely with natural products that provide a boost of vitamins and minerals to your skin.

3. Bepanthen Plus Cream 

A skin care cream made primarily with bexpanthenol, a patented active ingredient that provides antiseptic quality and helps protect damaged, dry, and irritated skin cells. This product is available in a tube with 30g.

One of the great favorites of users of the Amazon platform, a product that can be used to provide a complete treatment to your skin that re-hydrates, renews and provides a reinforcement of vitamins and minerals.

4. Aquaphor: Recovery Ointment

A complete treatment for irritated, dry, and sun-damaged skin, it also works for those who have recently had a Tattoo Aftercare cream. This product has a proprietary formula composed primarily of petrolatum, pantheon, and glycerin that together help rehydrate and renew skin cells.

The number 1 in personal care products, it is a clinically proven cream that contributes to the care and maintenance of the skin. Have a quality treatment in a presentation that you can conveniently store in any first aid kit.

5. Nivea Cream

A product created by the experts at Nivea, an ultra-moisturizing cream made in Germany that has a patented formula which allows moisturizing, renewing and providing an additional reinforcement of vitamins necessary for the skin. It is available in a 400ml can.

The world’s most recognized brand in¬†skin care¬†presents a proprietary cream that is perfect for people who have just had a tattoo recently.¬†

6. Betty’s Essential Ink Chaser:¬†After Tattoo Cream

A natural product made specifically for skin that has undergone a tattoo process; this after tattoo cream is made from Shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and macadamia nut oil. This article is easy to apply and does not generate allergic reactions.


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