The 5 Must-Read Books of 2022

Reading has always been one of the most common pastimes. Although now, the book is increasingly being replaced by electronic devices – phones, tablets, laptops. But suppose you compare reading a book with other ways of obtaining information. In that case, it far outweighs their use because it activates several essential parts of the human brain, strengthening our mental potential.

Reading informs us, expands our vocabulary, improves our writing skills and the ability to speak correctly, and increases erudition. Reading books helps increase our passive and active language. It’s nice to hear good literary words from people in everyday communication. Therefore, it is safe to say that reading makes us more informed and attractive to others. No matter what genre of literature you read – fiction, popular science, memoirs – you always get new knowledge and ideas, which you can then share. Nowadays, reading is an essential part of a prosperous lifestyle. So here are the top 5 must-read books:

“Othello” William Shakespeare

“Othello” is a story not so much about jealousy and passion but about human deceit and human meanness, the softness of character and faith in evil tongues, and what this ultimately leads to. Othello had a faithful, loving wife. Respect for subordinates, a brilliant career, and a successful future. Everything collapsed instantly. 

If Othello curbed his passions a little, he would understand everything. Quite an instructive story for everyone – you should not believe rumors and gossip. You should first make sure, ask and, most importantly, think, use common sense.

This book is studied in every university and college. But not each student understands the importance of this book. Teachers can write an essay about Othello characters. Of course, it can be difficult for students who don’t understand the depth of the book. But nowadays, there are lots of platforms where you can find essay examples that will help you with your education. So, students should try to research papers on Othello and take them as examples for their work. Also, such essays can improve your writing skills.

“What happened to you?” Oprah Winfrey, Bruce D. Perry

It’s not a very popular book yet, but it’s vital to read it. The book provides an in-depth analysis of traumas, negative patterns, and memories, allowing us to understand our past to clear the future. Oprah Winfrey shares with the reader stories from her own traumatic experiences, understanding the vulnerability that arises from encountering injuries and troubles at a young age. In tandem with a qualified professional, Dr. Perry, they focus on understanding people, behavior, and themselves.

“Amazon” by Colin Bruar and Bill Carr

It is both a practical guide and a story of how the company has grown and become successful. Twenty-seven years of insider experience and cases from two long-time Amazon executives with lessons and techniques you can apply to your company and career. Analyzing the approach and groundbreaking success of Amazon’s strategies, Natalie Berg and Mia Knights demonstrate how the corporation’s 14 principles of leadership influence decision-making at all levels of the company.

“The Return” by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is a world-renowned American writer and author of 18 novels, 11 of which have been screened. His works, translated into 50 languages, have been published in more than 105 million copies. “Return” is not only a family drama, but also a love story. Military Trevor Benson meets Deputy Sheriff Natalie, who disturbs his peace of mind. However, as soon as it starts, the romantic relationship breaks off. Natalie is hiding something. Like the mysterious and gloomy girl Kelly, who lives in the trailer and may know something about the real cause of Grandpa Trevor’s death. The relentless desire to see the truth will reveal to man the true essence of not only love, but also forgiveness. After all, to move forward, sometimes you need to go back to where it all began.

“An Ugly Truth” by Shira Frenkel, Cecilia Kang

Recently, we saw how the most popular social network, which we trust our photos, posts, thoughts, and emotions, “burned” on the fact of ignoring human trafficking, an incredible amount of shocking content, and even the agreement of top managers with the communist authorities in Vietnam. In their new book, Shira Frenkel and Cecilia Kang reveal the technological history of our time in a fascinating behind-the-scenes expose. It offers a comprehensive account of Facebook’s downfall, complex litigation, alliances and rivalries within the company, its growing political influence, and clashes with confederations. Federal Trade Commission.


Reading is an exciting hobby. Some like music or sports, some like to travel or cook, and some like to read. And that’s great. After all, there is so much good literature in the world, the number of which is growing every year. So, by allocating half an hour and an hour of reading time per day, you will be able to read a significant stack of books in a few months. Read and develop! All in all, reading is not only helpful, but also fashionable!