The 5 Most Difficult Items to Move

If you regularly read our blog (thank you! ), you know that we offer advice and recommendations for various relocations.

Even though we get widely recognized as one of the best Moving Companies in Sydney, we regularly publish blogs on how to handle a move on your own and save money.

Some items are challenging to move, if not impossible, without specialized equipment. As a result, we’ve chosen to inform you of the five most challenging things to transport today (in our opinion).

If you possess any of the above mentioned items, consider hiring professional Movers in Dee Why.

1. Pianos

There are smaller pianos that weigh 135 kilograms and grand pianos that weigh more than 450 kilograms. By definition, pianos are hefty and cumbersome. In addition, they may have up to 7,000 distinct moving parts, each of which could get damaged during a DIY relocation.

Moving a piano with excessive force risks injuring the mover or someone else. Expert movers will transport your piano using specialized dollies and possibly even cranes.

2. Billiards Snooker

Pool tables (also known as billiard tables) are ubiquitous, though pianos are more prevalent. It is typical for a standard pool table to weigh over 450 kilograms. Therefore, transporting them is exceptionally challenging.

If you intend to move the table yourself, the likelihood of losing a few bolts and screws and the time required to disassemble it will increase.

Similar to hiring piano movers, hiring professional Removals in Chatswood to move your pool table allows you to focus on other tasks while the experts handle the heavy lifting.

3. Aquariums

According to business experts, moving a large fish tank is one of the most challenging tasks. Some of them weigh over 250 kilograms, are made entirely of thick glass slabs, are horrifyingly fragile, and are incredibly slippery.

Professional aquarium relocation services are accessible. They can relocate your aquarium without disturbing the fish and other inhabitants. If you are too concerned about damaging your aquarium during the move, you should hire a team of experts to complete the task.

4. Extraordinary Work of Art

If you have a fine art or sculpture collection, you likely have an idea of how difficult it can be to move these objects due to their weight, shape, and fragility.

Any item that sustains damage during the move will likely lose value. Your collection’s characteristics will determine the level of care required during packing and transport, including using a climate-controlled van.

Verify that the removal company you hire has experience transporting this type of artwork and that it offers insurance in case of damage.

5. Heavy planters and potted vegetation

Moving large plants or trees housed in heavy ceramic or clay pots can be challenging. Even fewer moving companies will accept them.

They are the epitome of annoyance and foolishness. Depending on where you’re going, you may need help to bring them.

This Website can assist interstate movers in determining which plants can and cannot get transported. It is essential to adhere to established standards.

Those caught possessing such substances may face legal action and have their illegal plants confiscated and destroyed.

Wrapping Up:

If you are planning a move that will include one or more items on our list, this list has convinced you to hire a professional Moving company in Chatswood.

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Whether you are moving a piano or a tank of tangs, our staff will handle your possessions with the same respect and care as if they were our own.

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