The 5 Most Common Car Incidents That Everyone Should Know

Repairing of new cars nowadays is not merely based on experience. That’s why this article brings to you the 5 most common car incidents and how to solve them!

Cars are becoming more and more familiar in modern-day life, becoming one of the primary means of transport for people. With the continuous development of the automobile manufacturing industry, many new cars have come out with impressive designs and features.

For  modern car to operate smoothly, the maintenance and care of the car engine are essential. Therefore, knowing the common engine failures will help to get the fastest and most effective repair direction when this part occurs.

Here are the 5 most common car incidents that most drivers often meet!

Car incidents, the leading cause of death among young people

Inexperienced drivers are particularly affected by road fatalities. The risk is even more significant during the first 500 kilometers after obtaining the permit, as revealed by Béatrice Najean-Lenorman, director of personal automobile risks at Allianz France.

Car incidents, the leading cause of death among young people.

Between 2012 and 2016, 59% of novice drivers killed were between 18 and 24 years old, and 72% were presumed to be responsible for a fatal accident, according to the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR). It doubles the probability of being involved in a deadly accident for an inexperienced driver.

The latter underestimate the dangers of the road and take more significant risks, such as speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and drug addiction. For many reasons, it adds confidence to the inexperience of driving at night, or driving in rain or snow while it is most often in the evening on weekends that inexperienced drivers use their cars. More than half of fatal accidents among young people occur at night, according to ONISR.

The 5 Most Common Car Incidents

The engine does not operate.

If your car’s engine does not start, you understand that it has had some problems before. However, it may be because you do not know or consider it to be just an insignificant problem that leads to such a passive situation.

The engine does not operate.


  • The battery no longer has electricity.
  • Motorcycle spark plugs have a lot of coal dust and cannot ignite electric sparks.
  • Broken potty.
  • Gasoline is not in the tank, not in the carburetor’s float.
  • The gas filter, the gas pipes are clogged.
  • There is water in the carburetor’s bulb.
  • The ignition system using the battery has trouble.
  • The capacitor is not working well.

When a car’s engine does not work, you will fix it by cleaning the engine most of the time. But if they severely damage it, the driver of your car needs to be carefully checked for the most appropriate handling.

Vehicle engine failure to reach high rpm and it’s a lack of stability

When the car engine does not work at high rpm, and lack of stability means that the carburetor load system is not working well. As a result, it affected the gasket on the carburetor flange and intake manifold.

Vehicle engine failure to reach high rpm.

Oil or water-stained spark plugs get into cylinders or improperly placed high-voltage wires in the working order of the engine also causes this problem. For solving this engine problem, you need to look for a skilled car service to help with troubleshooting.

Engine stalling phenomenon

During the operation, when your car often shuts down in the middle of the road, understand the causes of this situation are:

  • Fuel is not entering (maybe because of running out of gas).
  • Broken gear in the camshaft.
  • The carburetor buoyancy has an incorrect fuel level.
  • The engine’s cylinders drop in pressure.

They mostly relate these cases to problems that cause insufficient fuel in the carburetor, leading to easy engine stalling. Therefore, when the engine often stops, it is possible to check these details when combining test tools.

Engine stalling phenomenon.

Besides, it could be because of the lack of fuel in the fuel pump and carburetor. Or, because of the throttle’s improper position, a sudden increase in the fuel level in the float or clogged air filter. You can check out these details when combining test tools.

Engine power is not working optimally.

Your modern car engine is no longer as powerful as when you first bought it and must make you feel very uncomfortable every time you drive. This condition of the engine takes place for several reasons:

Engine power is not working optimally.

  • The economic carburetor system is not working.
  • It breaks the carburetor.
  • Wrong change of the regulator according to the number of dissolvable screws of the divider.
  • It does not meet criteria for thermal clearance at the base of the chip.
  • The muffler (the catheter) is worn out.
  • The engine had a super fire
  • Wrong position of main relay needle.
  • The wear of the ring is significant.

These can cause your vehicle’s engine to malfunction more often and make it difficult to navigate on the road.

The car engine is unusually hot.

The first thing that you have to do when you find your car engine is too hot is to check the coolant if you no longer need more water. If the problem is not with the refrigerant, then your engine overheats can be caused by several reasons:

The car engine is unusually hot.

  • Using improper lubricating oil, insufficient oil, or expired oil.
  • Damaged packing can cause water in the engine cooling system to boil, resulting in a host machine.
  • Oil getting into the system causes fat in the water and causes malfunctions.
  • Wrong position of gear.
  • Fan belt slip.
  • Clogged radiator shutter flaps open entirely.
  • The handle that adjusts the heating level of the smoking mixture is incorrect.

When your car encounters this situation, go to reputable car repair and maintenance facilities to fix it. If subjective and let this problem continue, your vehicle will probably damage even more essential parts of the engine.

Final Words

The engine is the most critical part of a car. So you need to be aware of common engine failures to have the fastest and most effective remedy. The article has brought the 5 most common car incidents to the readers.

This article will be handy for those passionate about learning, love cars, and want to take care of the driver by themselves. Especially for new drivers, not much experience, vehicle maintenance, and monitoring is confusing.