The 5 Best Water Softeners for Hard Water

Water softeners are a great way to clean your water as it passes through them, but you may wonder: Can your hard water have anything to do with it? The short answer is yes, and it does affect the quality of the water.

The components of your water are made up of two chemicals, calcium and magnesium. When your water into contact with hard minerals in the air and soil, the calcium and magnesium dissolve into the water. That’s how water softeners work. The chemicals dissolve the calcium and magnesium out of your water, which creates a less acidic and less alkaline drink. You’ll also notice an improvement in the taste of the water when you install one.

Since softening your water doesn’t change the pH of the water, you can install a softener regardless of the hardness of your water. But there are some benefits to adding one if your water is particularly hard, such as:

  • Double as a dehumidifier.
  • Lower water heating costs.
  • Expand your water service.

That said, not everyone has hard water. In this case, using a water softener that’s specifically designed to take care of hard water is the best solution. They remove more impurities than conventional water softeners and produce a stronger solution, which helps remove your hard water and gives your water a fresher taste.

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The best water softener overall

source Brita

Why you’ll love it: The Brita Sports + Softner is easy to use, will save you money, and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you live in a water-deprived area, you know what a pain in the rear it can be to find an automatic water softener that won’t eat up your cash. The Brita Sports + Softner may just be the best one out there.

Compared to most of the competition, the Sports + Softner is easy to use. It has a smaller hardening tank, a filter system that’s easy to clean, and an installation kit that will take care of the installation and filter replacement for you. You can easily DIY water softener installation for this systemIt’s also sold through Amazon, and you can get it in either a pitcher or stand-alone unit.

The Sports + Softner has a 10-year warranty, which makes it a better choice in the long run. The Sports + Softner is also better than most of the water softeners on the market because it functions as both a dehumidifier and a water softener.

Most of the competition performs dehumidification and water softening separately, which can be expensive. But the Brita Sports + Softner has a secondary filter, which collects much of the dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants that are coming into contact with your water. The result? A fresh-tasting and cleaner-tasting water, plus that 10-year warranty.

The Sports + Softner is also on sale for Black Friday.

Pros: Easy to use, easy to maintain, 10-year warranty, reusable filters, simple to install

Cons: Some customers complained that the unit will start to collect some contaminants, such as odors, as the 10-year warranty expires.

source PUR

Why you’ll love it: If you’re looking for the best deal on an automatic water softener that takes care of both hard water and extra minerals, the PUR Drink Plus is the deal you’re looking for.

Who knew that you could get such a good deal on a water softener? PUR’s Drink Plus Water Softener is about the same price as the Brita Sports + Softner, but it has a few important benefits.

The first advantage is that the Drink Plus Water Softener is designed to take care of both hard water and extra minerals. The other is that it makes hard water taste better.

Unlike many of the high-end water softeners on the market, the Drink Plus isn’t a dehumidifier that only serves one purpose. It has separate cleaning and softening tanks, and its filter system also removes heavy metals, gunk, and other impurities. The unit has a 10-year warranty, and it also features a start-stop mechanism that shuts off the flow of water to the filtration system in between softening cycles.

Most people won’t notice a difference in the taste of the water after a few cycles, but there’s something to be said for having both a softener and a dehumidifier on your roof at once.

On top of that, the Drink Plus is one of the most inexpensive products we’ve reviewed, making it the best value on this list.

The Drink Plus also works with a smart, connected water reservoir. You can use it to remotely refill your softener tank or to check on water quality, thanks to a smartphone app.