The 5 Best Real Estate Agent Tools

Real estate is one of those areas for which technological advancements seem tailor-made. As new tools hit the marketplace, more times than not, real estate agents and realtors are eager to get in on the trend. That is true regardless of whether what they’re trying to sell is undeveloped land, residential property, or commercial buildings.

Real estate apps are all over Android and iOS devices, but which ones are the best? It’s a crowded market, and much is dependent on what kind of service the agent offers.

Let’s look over some of the most significant difference-making real estate agent tools poised for an industry shakeup.



When you look at tools for real estate agents, Qualia has to be at the top of the list. It is settlement software with the following functionality:

  • It helps agents coordinate closing details with their clients
  • It helps them negotiate and communicate with title brokers
  • It allows them to message other brokers at all hours, rendering phone calls obsolete

It features integration with several underwriters that the industry knows and trusts, including Fidelity National Financial and First American. It also allows both agents and homebuyers to keep track of every closing status and investment opportunity that fits the parameters that they assign to it.

It even comes with an extensive feature range depending on the broker’s specialty.



FreshChat is a service that makes tracking down viable real estate leads easy. Both would-be buyers and real estate agents swear by it. With it, they can:

  • Forego phone calls to each other
  • Avoid having to email back and forth due to an easy-to-use messaging system

Millennials who are house hunting seem to favor it. Since homes can go on the market and find a buyer very quickly, having a responsive, easy-to-update tool like this one becomes invaluable, especially in a hot neighborhood or ultra-desirable city.


Many real estate agents express how getting house keys to show properties can be a pain. In the past, they would have to borrow keys from the property owner and run around making copies before they could show the house or apartment to would-be buyers.

KeyMe is rather ingenious. With it, a real estate agent can capture a key through a vivid color photo. There are many KeyMe kiosks springing up all over the country, and there, the agent can make a copy from their picture.

If they lose a key, the app saves the picture, and they can go back and make another one. A lockout is impossible with this technology, so a fast sale is almost assured. That’s great news for both the seller and buyer.

It’s kind of remarkable to think that we’re living in an era where this kind of technology is possible and widely accessible.


The Everlance real estate tool is another extraordinary advance that many agents enjoy. Agents spend lots of time studying housing markets, so they’ll know what’s available that might appeal to a potential homebuyer.

This is a sort of mileage tracking tool. It allows real estate agents to monitor their various costs and remain fully IRS-compliant. This saves a lot of headaches each quarter.

Agents can even use it to keep track of their many tax deductions. If they’re not sure whether they can deduct something, this tool helps them figure that out.

With it, an agent can classify a trip as business-related or personal. They can export any needed PDF or Excel document. It also comes with GPS for trip monitoring.


RealGeeks, in addition to having a fun name, is gaining popularity with agents. It is customer relationship management software, the shorthand for which is CRM.

This is a way for agents to do follow-up calls with prospective clients, as well as fashion emails that contain all relevant information. Real estate agents who want to effectively engage with customers can use it to keep track of what a home buyer wants.

This tool can quickly inform the agent about the price range a customer needs and what neighborhood they want. It also lets the agent know whether the would-be buyer needs good schools, a low crime report, or whether there is anything else that matters a lot to them.

The best real estate agent tools these days help with organization and speed. Since this is an industry that moves fast for sellers, buyers, and agents, some of the best apps and software have appealing aspects for all three of these categories.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.