The 5 Best Home Security Features for 2022

Do you have a security system in your home? If not, then you might want to install one. Today, it is very easy to outfit your home with a high-quality, reliable smart security system. And this doesn’t have to leave a dent in your pocket. New smart security systems are affordable, given the value that they add to your home. 

However, it might be hard to decide a few things like the best configuration for your home, the best company/service provider, compatibility of the systems, and so on. While these are valid concerns, they shouldn’t be a hurdle because there is always a solution for you. That said, below are a few home security features you might want to consider in 2022.

Wireless Technology

Cameras can now be easily installed without drilling into walls or ceilings, etc. Also, they have remote monitoring technology that doesn’t necessarily depend on telephone lines. They are a major improvement in security systems that all major security providers offer wireless packages. 

The wireless aspect is basically the lifeline connection between the home and the monitoring station, and not the sensors themselves. Wireless technology has largely improved security since intruders can’t disconnect or cut the telephone line, which was the most important part of conventional alarm systems. GSM technology has cellular backup features that improve the security of homes.

Camera Technology

Video surveillance plays a major role in our home security system features. It is no longer about the archaic, grainy black-and-white visuals, nowadays there are vivid full-color HD camera feeds. These are easily installed into small devices that fit perfectly into a home’s decor and in some cases, completely disappear from the view. 

A good example under this category is the high-capacity DVRs that enable the recording and playback of large camera feed footage, with zoom and pan features that make it easy to see what is happening in a particular camera.

Monitoring Technology

While you are away or when asleep in the middle of the night, your alarm system might get triggered by a burglar or even a stray animal. While calling for backup is one way to deal with it, you don’t have to. A little challenge is establishing the cause of the trigger, especially when you don’t have a monitoring service.

Nowadays, most modern alarm systems have a professional monitoring team provision. This is to ensure that every situation is properly assessed before dispatching the right authorities to deal with the problem. Usually, most alarm systems consist of two-way connection services for easy communication with the necessary team offering the monitoring service. When buying your alarm system, it is important to compare the top brands to ensure that what you are paying for is worth every dollar you spend.

Home Automation Technology

Home automation technology is also an area to look out for in 2022. It uses both mobile app development and two-way wireless communication to enable users to see and control what is happening in their homes from any location. It enables the monitoring of different kinds of real-time information from the installed system through mobile phones. 

With some systems, you are able to monitor feed from your security system’s cameras directly from your phone. In addition, you can control other home features such as thermostat, lights, doors, as well as arming or disarming your security system right from your phone.

Updates to Current Technology

There have been different updates to basic technology in security systems. For instance, more types of security system sensors are being developed and windows and door sensors are now more accurate than they were in the past. A good example of this improvement is tamper-sensitive sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, as well as improved pet-friendly motion detectors.

Smoke detectors have also been innovatively improved through ionization and photoelectric technologies. In addition, they are made to utilize broadband two-way communication that ensures at least a two-minute analysis of the air. When smoke detectors of the past would go off because of slight smoke, they are presently made with both carbon dioxide sensors and heat thresholds that alert the owner of changes in air quality.

Wrap Up

Today’s home security system features incorporate innovative and fascinating possibilities that make them more appealing than ever. Of course, it is not about the fancy technology used, but the kind of service that these products are bringing to our homes. So adding them to your space is not just a way of completing your home, it is also about keeping your property and loved ones safe.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.