The 3 best tours for honeymoons in Italy

For truly celebrating love with your partner and making memories that will last a lifetime, there is no better way than a honeymoon in Italy.

One of the most romantic destinations in Europe, Italy is perfect for honeymoon tours because it can offer such a variety of landscapes – from the mountains to the sea –, art and culture, and attractions, both for a relaxing vacation and for a more adventurous one.

In Italy you can really have it all. So let’s explore some of the best honeymoon tours in Italy.

Italy honeymoons tour in Art Cities

In Italy art is really everywhere and everything has a long, fascinating history. So why don’t admire it as its best in a tour across the country’s most stunning cities?

A perfect Art Cities tour will start in the Venice, a city like no other in the world. Nothing is more romantic than a gondola trip with your sweetheart.

Moving south, Florence is the cradle of Italian culture: Michelangelo’s David, Brunelleschi’s church and colored marble buildings are a sight to see.

Of course, the trip ends in the Eternal City: Rome. There, you can really breathe centuries of history as you walk among its beautiful fountains, squares and streets. An inimitable experience to share with the one you truly love.

Italy honeymoons tour by the Amalfi sea

For a honeymoon full of excitement, adventure, and fun look no further than a tour in Southern Italy. An enchanting Mediterranean atmosphere and an outstanding view of the sea. 

This tour explores the Amalfi Coast, starting from Naples. A buzzing, picturesque city where you can really feel the Italian way of life. And eat the best pizza of your life.

From there, you can easily catch a ferry boat and move to all the surrounding islands in the gulf: Sorrento, Capri, Positano… perfect to spend the day at the beach and the night in the finest restaurants and bars.

Splendid attractions too, like the Emerald Cave in Positano or the villas that stand tall upon the sea.

What to See in Positano, the Divina of the Amalfi Coast - Blog of Dragonfly  Tours

Italy honeymoons tour in the countryside

You think your honeymoon should be a time to relax, connect with your partner and with nature?

Then you really must plan a tour in the Italian countryside. Like in the movies, Central Italy offers a lot of awesome places for a tranquil vacation.

The first stop can certainly be Tuscany, land of the famous Chianti as well as a lot of other prestigious wines. Enjoy the view of hills, vineyards and olive groves, and admire cottages surrounded by greenery, small silent villages. For a lesser-know destination, you must stop in Umbria, an unspoiled charming region with architectural gems like the gothic cathedral in Orvieto. Countryside as in the most Romantic books.

And if you want to admire the fields from the tower of a castle, complete your tour in Emilia Romagna: tortellini, lasagne al ragù, but also hills and plains dotted with castles and historical fortresses.