The 17-year-old will direct a sci-fi horror for A24 based on his famous YouTube series

In 2022, YouTube user Kane Parsons – publishing on the Kane Pixels channel – shared a nine-minute horror film in the style of found footage, in which we follow disturbing empty rooms in a confined space. The production was inspired by a creepypasta called Backrooms and gained huge popularity – it has over 40 million views. Parsons continued his project by placing more installments in the series. The seventeen-year-old artist will soon be behind the camera of a full-length film, which will be produced by the A24 studio.

Shooting on the film will begin this summer, while Parsons is on vacation. Roberto Patino will write the script and executive produce along with James Wan and Shawn Levy. Plot details and release date are yet to be revealed. “Backrooms” as a concept was created in 2019 on 4chan, in a topic where users were supposed to post images that disturb them. One posted a photo of a lit yellow room, while another added a caption – “Six hundred million square miles of randomly placed empty rooms that can be reached by reality permeation.” The popularity of the concept grew significantly thanks to the Parsons series. Dan Erickson, the creator of Severance, admitted that the “Backrooms” concept was one of his inspirations.