The 10 Types Of Kitchen Cupboard Styles

The kitchen is the most important room in the entire house for its functionality and it needs to be well-organised for the person who works there. It is very pleasant to be in this area of the home when everything is in place and comes in handy while you are cooking something for your loved ones. Kitchen cupboards help in doing so as it gives easy access to required accessories and other things.

What are Kitchen Cupboards?

Kitchen cabinets, also known as cupboards, are a vital part of any kitchen. They are used to store essential items like food, dishes, and many other. There are many different styles and types of kitchen cupboards available in the market to fit everyone’s needs. Kitchen cupboards can be built into the wall or can be freestanding as per one’s liking. They can have doors or only drawers according to the requirement and available space. Kitchen cabinets can also be single or double-sided.

There are several different types of kitchen cupboards that are popular in Australia. The most common type preferred by many people is the double-sided kitchen cabinet. These cabinets have two walls that open on either side. They are ideal for kitchens with a lot of counter space. Double-sided cabinets save space by eliminating the need for a pantry or extra storage area in the kitchen.

Other popular types of kitchen cabinets include the under-counter cabinet and the pull-out refrigerator cabinet. Undercounted cabinets are designed to be installed under a countertop which typically has a small footprint to fit into tight spaces. On the other hand, pull-out refrigerator cabinets are similar to double-sided cabinets except that they have one door that opens on the side instead of both sides.

 Ten Types of Kitchen Cupboard Styles

There are ten different types of kitchen cupboard styles and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is the list:

1. Built-in cupboard: This type of kitchen cupboard is built into the wall of the kitchen. It has a lot of storage space and is usually taller than other cupboards.

2. Unit-in-a-wall cupboard: These cupboards are also built into the wall but are smaller than a built-in cupboard. It’s mainly used for storing small items, like cereal or cups and saucers.

3. Double Cupboard: This type has two storage areas, one on each side which makes it perfect for larger items, like pots and pans.

4. Trough Cupboard: It is usually shorter than other types and does not have any shelves or dividers. These cupboards are mainly used for storing shallow containers, such as measuring cups and spoons.

5. Walk-in Pantry: This type of kitchen cabinet is a lot like a mini fridge in that it has a lot of space inside it and is great for storing canned as well as dry goods.

6. Built-in Rack:  These cabinets come with a built-in metal rack attached to them. It’s not commonly used though because it takes up extra space, causing small items in the door to wobble or jingle when you walk past them.

7. Utility Cupboard:  This type of kitchen storage unit has a lot of storage space inside of it but does not have drawers for smaller items like spoons and measuring cups. Its four sides are slightly slanted, making room for bigger objects in the door as well as on the shelf.

8. Range Hood: It might look similar to a refrigerator but have different functions. A range hood is designed with wood or metal shelves only and it’s used to ventilate food as it cooks in the oven. It comes with a front light to let you check on your food while it is cooking. 

9. Built-in:  This type of cupboard is a kitchen cabinet that has been designed and styled to blend in with other household appliances.   

10. Corner Cabinet: This type of unit works great for those who eat at the table regularly because it provides more storage space for plates, replacement silverware, napkins and other dining necessities that are easily accessible.

Check Infiniterounds for Methods of Cleaning kitchen Cupboards

Different Uses of Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be used for different purposes. Here are five of the most common uses for kitchen cupboards:

  • Storage: Cupboards can be used to store food, kitchen tools, and other items in your kitchen.
  • Units that open from the front or side: Some kitchen cupboards have doors that open from the front or side. This type of cabinet is perfect for storing utensils and dishes near the stove.
  • Storage above or below the counter: Kitchen cupboards can also be divided into upper and lower sections, so you can easily find what you’re looking for while cooking.
  • Shelves: Many kitchen cupboards include shelves to organise pots, pans, and other cooking supplies.
  • Pantry: A pantry is a special type of kitchen cabinet that’s typically found in small kitchens. I perfect for storing meats, cheeses, produce, and other groceries.


In this article, we discussed the different styles of kitchen cupboards and give some tips on how to decide which one is right for your home. We cover a variety of topics including storage flexibility, cabinet features, and style preferences. Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a better understanding of what is available in the market and be in a better position to make an informed purchase.