The 10 Best Neighborhoods in London for Business Visitors

London has much more to offer to business visitors than the scribbly coloured lines depicting the tube map or a geographical list showing all its 32 boroughs. Zooming in into the online maps will show a cluster of neighbourhoods, each having a unique identity and rhythm.

While some of its neighbourhoods are constantly evolving into new and cooler hotspots, some are located in the typical tourist districts.

Where to Stay as a Business Visitor in London

1. Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments

Grand Plaza provides modern living space in a prime residential environment boasting of an old-world charm and a cosmopolitan ambience.

Many business visitors consider the Grand Plaza serviced apartments a prosperous neighbourhood, thanks to its fine dining options and diverse cultures and ethnicities.


Apart from being one of the most iconic neighbourhoods in the city, SOHO is forever changing and is always busy.

It’s bordered by Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Regent Street, and sits smack in the centre of all the action in London’s West End.

SOHO is known as home to some of the best restaurants in the city and offers access to a wide array of buzzing bars and theatre shows.

3. Angel

Compared to most London areas, this isn’t your typical tourist destination, as it’s more of a local area filled with an abundance of bars, fantastic restaurants, and shops.

What makes it convenient for business travellers is its proximity to central London and its connection to London’s other parts.

4. Mayfair

Sitting between the shimmering West End and Hyde Park, Mayfair is an affluent area ideal for those looking to dine and hold business meetings in five-star hotels.

You can shop for bespoke suits on Savile Row or visit the many independent art galleries in the area during the day. Evenings are best spent in nearby posh clubs, wine bars, and member’s clubs.

5. Covent Garden

Located on the eastern side of SOHO, Covent Garden is a theatre district renowned for its historic indoor markets.

It offers access to many shopping opportunities, and you can enjoy entertainment from the street performers. The garden is centrally located with a historic square and many fabulous restaurants.

6. South Kensington

If travelling with family, South Kensington is among the top choices to consider. The area is relatively quiet and has two renowned museums.

To its north is Hyde Park, where the kids can go to play during the day.

7. Dalston

If you’re a fan of Turkish cuisine, then you’ll likely love this neighbourhood. Turkish restaurants aside, this area of East London has lots more to offer, e.g., bakeries and dive bars with some of the city’s best food and drink choices.

8. Notting Hill

Those who plan on combining business with pleasure are advised to consider the Notting Hill area.

It’s ideal for couples travelling on business as it has lots of things to do. It’s also home to the second-largest carnival globally known as the Notting Hill Carnival.

9. Chelsea

Chelsea is a West London neighbourhood that hugs the northern parts of river Thames and whose primary access is via the King’s Road.

The entire area is lined with high-end restaurants, cafes, and shops. It’s best for business visitors who are into flowers, football, and shopping.

10. Camden

Camden and King’s Cross are two areas that are widely popular with young Londoners and travellers on a budget.

They’re filled with hostels and feature lots of vintage shops ideal for those searching for treasure and unusual items.


As seen above, there’s more to London than meets the eye. There’s a place for every business visitor regardless of whether they’ve unlimited expense accounts, travelling with family, or have a limited budget. You only need to find the right place for you.


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