Thais Gibson – Changing the Personal Development Landscape

The fast pace of today’s life has created unique challenges within many relationships. Few professionals have dedicated their lives to helping individuals invest time in improving themselves. Among such committed professionals is Thais Gibson, a #1 Best Selling author, coach, and teacher, who has devoted her life to bring a change in the lives of thousands of people.

Learning and healing in life lead to the personal growth of an individual. A person can only fully commit to a relationship when they are completely aware of who they are themselves. Healing oneself is a journey, and Thais has been providing her services to individuals to empower themselves to create positive change in their lives.

Laying the Foundations Of A True Emotional Wellness Coach

Thais founded PDS: The Personal Development School (“PDS”) in 2019, intending to give back to people and provide them with a helping hand in whatever they are going through. As a spin-off of her highly successful client-based practice, PDS is a platform that engages with individuals on a personal level by offering online courses that they can watch based on the challenges they face in their life. Thais has designed distinctive courses that cover every aspect of emotional, physical, and emotional-wellbeing, including: emotional blocks, anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship challenges, and much more.

Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM was one of the early discoveries of the talented Thais Gibson, which enables both the conscious and subconscious mind. She realized that in order to bring about real change, engagement of the subconscious mind is essential.  As a result, she designed the PDS courses with her cutting-edge subconscious approaches that create miraculous and lasting change.

As an expansion upon traditional Attachment Theory, Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM includes the aforementioned subconscious reprogramming techniques in combination with the empirical findings of traditional Attachment theory and developmental psychology. Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM enables individuals to take control of their perceptions, limiting beliefs, relationships and lives. As an answer to many questions that people ask themselves, Integrated Attachment Theory has been a results-oriented tool. The theory not only provides a clear path of the healing journey, but is also incorporated in the courses offered by Thais in The Personal Development School.

The Personal Development School is the perfect place for individuals who are looking for deep healing and transformation. Thais Gibson has used her personal experience and expertise to create courses that are effective and deep-rooted. The courses are targeting contrasting aspects of human nature range from “Overcoming an Identity Crisis & Strengthening Self-Identity,” “Reparenting Your Inner Child to Transcend Attachment Trauma Behaviors,” to “Rebuilding Trust & Overcoming Jealousy in Your Relationships”.

Taking Inspiration from Her Own Experiences

Experiential learning holds significant value in real life. Thais belongs to the lot of individuals who have used her life experiences as a reflective activity, internalizing the information, leading to intended discoveries.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Thais’ early life brought about many challenges.

Thais says, “To the rest of the world, I was doing very well. I received a D1 soccer scholarship in university and was excelling in school. But inside, I was broken.”

That was when Thais decided to find a way out of the life that had left her feeling powerless. She invested hundreds of hours in educating herself and soon discovered the subconscious mind’s ideology that played a major role in mental wellbeing. Realizing what needed to be fixed, Thais began her healing journey by completing an MA in Transpersonal Psychology.

Thais then complemented over thirteen certifications in all the things she could find that addressed healing, human behavior, and the inner workings of the mind. The topics were distinct in nature, and included Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Trauma Work tools, and more.

The more she learned, the more Thais was able to self-heal. Eventually, Thais curated tools that enabled her to free herself. Her healing process was so effective and beautiful that she then wanted to share it with the rest of the world. She started her client-based practice, and worked for years with hundreds of people. When the waitlist for her individual practice started to exceed a year, and knew she needed to expand her reach. Consequently, she founded The Personal Development School, which expanded her reach immensely.

With the help of Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM, Thais has explored how early childhood experiences can influence adulthood relationships from a subconscious level, whether with oneself or with others. Her discovery of how the subconscious mind can shape your personal life, relationships, or career has been a revelation that enabled the betterment of the many individuals within PDS.

Thais’ proficiency and command in the personal development field have enabled her to improve thousands of individuals’ lives, making her a renowned and respected specialist.