Test Grade Calculator – Use This Quick Tool For Grading?

If you don’t have time to calculate students’ grades manually, then the test grade calculator is here for you. This go-to tool for teachers will save their time, and you can quickly find the grades based on wrong and right answers.

Other than that, you can use the test grade calculator in your own way. You will have some of the default settings to follow as well. Also, check how the score will be calculated in our guide. You have to experiment for once to know how the grading can be done. 

Moreover, this tool is beneficial for students because they can calculate their grades to know their average percentage in a certain subject.

Read on to know more about this grading calculator!

What Is Test Grade Calculator?

Now you can calculate your grades for a particular assignment with this test grading calculator. For calculating the results of the next assignment, you have to click on add new assignment option. You have to update the assignment sheet calculator for the new one. 

However, there are other grade calculators as but the test grade is one of the easiest ways for a teacher to calculate the grade. It doesn’t require a lot of tools. And the best part? You can check what final grades you will get, and it is the simplest way of calculating the high school or college GPA.

With this online tool, you need to add the correct and wrong answers to each assignment. In fact, it is free to use, and you don’t need to spend on any paid tool for taking out the grades of each and every student.

How To Use Test Grade Calculator?

Let us tell you to step by step that how you can use this innovative tool!

  1. You have to enter the number of questions or points of the student’s work. For instance, if you made a test with 20 queries.
  2. Now you have to enter the number of incorrect answers and now prefer that you also enter the right questions. The grade calculator will tell how much the student has scored.
  3. Furthermore, you will get the score of the student in percentage. For instance, it will be 85%, which is grade B.
  4. Below the percentage, you will have a full grading table as well. You can now calculate the grades of the next students. You could use the same table if you entered any wrong point. However, you can refresh the page to have a neat table.

Advanced Mode Options Of The Test Grade Calculator

Above, we have mentioned the simple method of calculating the grades from this tool. Now you will have an advanced model in the test grading. 

Besides, you will have the option of customizing the score calculator with the advanced mode. Below are the options that you will get in the advanced mode of test grader:

  • Increment By The Box

You will have a table that you can use for changing the results. Also, you will have the default value within the box, which is 1. You can consider the one point as an increment. However, you can increase the points up to half number as well. Now you can use this box for the increment of the student’s score.

  • Percentage Scale Calculator

The percentage scale, which is set in the box, will be the grade for scaling. You can set the percentage scale box as well. But it will provide you with an option for increasing the grade points as well. You will have the grades of 50 percent as D and 60 percent as C. 

If you want to improve students’ grades, you can enhance this overall grade calculator’s value.

To Sum Up

That’s all for our guide on the test grade percentage calculator. Lastly, you don’t need to be muddled with the -/+ signs in the chart. Thanks for the read!

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