Tesler Trading App Review 2023 – Is It Legit? 

Given the rise in digital transactions and cryptocurrencies, the trading market has multiple profitable crypto trading apps. All these trading platforms aim to simplify trading for investors by looking for the best trade opportunities and generating more profits using smart bots powered by algorithms.

Among this wide range of trading applications, one such prominent app that has emerged over the years is the Tesler trading app. If you’re a crypto enthusiast, the Tesler application will entice you in many ways to ultimately help you earn money digitally. 

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The Tesler trading platform works to simplify the crypto trading process for all –- beginners and experienced traders. 

As a newbie or pro, you have to choose the assets you want to trade, and the software will look up the lucrative trade opportunities for you. The best part is that Tesler allows you to execute the trade automatically and manually. So, the choice is yours. 

With the increasing popularity of Tesler over the world, more and more investors are getting curious about whether Tesler is a legit or scam trading app. To give you the perfect answer, our team of reviewers has used the app for over a month and prepared a concise review for you. 

In this Tesler review, you’ll learn all its features, pros and cons, and more to decide if it’s trustworthy or not. So, read till the end. 

What Is Tesler? A Quick Overview 

Tesler is a fully automated, advanced trading software designed for investors who want to get the most out of their crypto trades. It aims to provide the most seamless and efficient crypto trading experience to all its experienced or novice users. 

This online, state-of-the-art crypto trading application leverages the latest, best-in-class technology, AI algorithm, and trading innovations to execute trades on your behalf. Tesler has proved to be a highly beneficial and profitable trading platform for most of its users. 

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Thanks to its user-friendly and straightforward interface, new beginners find it easy to learn, practice, and trade crypto assets here. Also, experienced traders who don’t have enough time to stick around a device for too long to look for trade opportunities can find this software reliable and helpful. 

The platform adheres to a smart AI algorithm made of complex math to evaluate and analyze the current crypto market all day and night (24/7). The AI algorithm helps Tesler robots find and collect the most accurate data and lets the software make informed, decisive trading tactics on your behalf. 

Tesler Trading Platform: How Does It Work?

The Tesler trading app works seamlessly and efficiently. It operates through robots by leveraging the best AI mechanisms. The AI bots easily track the most lucrative trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. 

Once you register, the platform activates the bots automatically. After that, the platform analyzes the crypto market worldwide and finds the most profitable opportunities for you. 

When the platform detects any such opportunity, it buys and seizes it. The smart bots can use the funds in your trading account to execute such trades. However, you can manually alter the platform settings according to your capabilities, knowledge, and preference. 

Moreover, it’s advisable to change the settings as per your preferences. If you closely monitor every trading activity on the platform and direct the bots for crypto trades, your likelihood of generating profit increases significantly. 

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How to Join Tesler 

So, do you want to earn profits online effortlessly using Tesler? If so, here are a few simple steps to get started: 

Step 1: Complete the Registration 

  • To join Tesler, you must visit the software’s official website.
  • Navigate to the homepage’s top section. 
  • Look for a registration box.
  • Enter your first and last name, email address, and contact number to sign up for Tesler.
  • Once done, tap on the ‘Register Now’ button.
  • Your Tesler trading account will be ready.

Step 2: Deposit Money In Your Trading Account 

Once you register and join Tesler as its new member, you’ll have to make an initial deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $250. You can deposit the funds via multiple payment methods like bank transfers, debit or credit cards, and e-wallet options. 

Step 3: Try the Demo Trading Option

With Tesler, crypto investors can dive into the pool of live trading. However, if you’re new to crypto trading or this platform, it’s best to get started with their demo trading account. This will allow you to understand and get familiarized with the trading platform. It will help you understand how Tesler works under different market situations without risking or losing your money. 

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Step 4: Get Started With Live Trading 

After using the demo mode, activate live trading if you feel satisfied and want to continue using the software. To activate it, simply go to the Tesler dashboard and toggle a switch. After successful activation, the platform will automatically use the deposited funds to open real-life positions in the crypto market. 

Key Features of the Tesler Trading Platform 

With cutting-edge features, Tesler stands out from most of its competitors. Considering the volatile nature of the crypto market, the features offered by Tesler will simplify and enhance your trading experience and give you an edge over other traders. 

So, here are the various features that will be beneficial to you in the long run: 

Simple To Use Platform 

The Tesler platform is an AI-powered, web-based application highly compatible with most devices and browsers. The platform recommends accessing the website via reliable browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Brave for security purposes. 

Moreover, the software comes with a simple, minimalistic, and user-friendly interface. Thus, it makes things seamless for both experienced and novice traders. 

Precise Trading Signals 

With innovative, AI-powered technology, the Tesler platform offers precise trading indications to its users. The platform can evaluate, analyze, and utilize the most profitable and popular real-time crypto trends. Tesler’s AI-backed fundamental and technical evaluation makes things easy and rewarding for users. 

Next-Level Security and Protection 

Tesler prioritizes customer protection before anything else. To achieve that, it has invested in plenty of impenetrable protective barriers. With military-grade encryption technology, their website is entirely safe for all traders. 

Plus, the platform follows and abides by global data security standards. They leverage the most updated safety measures to deliver next-level security and privacy to their users. Also, Tesler ensures seamless verification of the brokers’ credibility and licensing to provide your funds and data to stay safe and confidential. 

Trade with Minimum Investment Capital 

The platform requires you to deposit only $250 to start investing in crypto trades, and this $250 will be considered your capital. Unlike other trading platforms that require a considerable trading account balance, Tesler lets you perform crypto trades and trade for significant positions for as little as $250. 

Smart Trading Bots and AI Algorithm

The robot’s simple operation is essential for the system to enter or exit brokers. It complies with the trader’s previously established rules. Anyone may trade in this way quickly and profitably. The intelligent AI algorithm of the platform permits a time jump of 0.01 seconds. Thousands of transactions can be completed in seconds using the platform’s unique algorithm.

Experts in the Industry

Since it’s so easy to use, Tesler users worldwide are happy to trust the program and make money every day. Thanks to years of expertise in the financial markets, highly-skilled computer programmers and Bitcoin traders created the Tesler trading software. With this software, you may be able to secure significant profits from the bitcoin marketplaces.

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Why Do People Trust Tesler for Crypto Investment?

Although the Tesler trading platform comes with many benefits for its users, a handful of them have helped gain many traders’ trust worldwide. These benefits are as follows: 

  • The Tesler trading app is entirely free to use. 
  • You won’t have to pay any charge or fee for registration, transaction, service, refund, or installation. 
  • You’ll be entitled to 100% of the profit you incur through this platform. 
  • You can connect with their customer support representatives 24/7. Their representatives will address all inquiries and queries within the same day. 
  • The fact that Tesler is a web-based application means you won’t have to install any software or transaction tool. 
  • With the internet, you can use Tesler on any device: be it a smartphone, laptop, iPad, or desktop. 
  • The platform conducts fast account authentication with your precise user data and financial information. 
  • This platform stands out from its competitors due to its high precision and success rate.
  • You can access its demo account for enhanced flexibility. It lets you learn multiple trading methods without risking your real money. 
  • You can start investing in crypto trades with a minimum investment of $250. 
  • Developing the algorithmic trading parameters in this platform is fast, simple, and safe. 

Tesler Fees 

The Tesler platform is free for all traders. You don’t have to pay any fees or charges to use the trading site. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay trading fees, account fees, or commissions to trade profits while accessing this software. Moreover, there are no withdrawal or deposit fees too. 

Tesler: Is It Legit?

Now comes the most commonly asked question by most crypto traders: is Tesler safe and legit? So, let’s answer this in a more explanatory way. 

Firstly, no matter which trading platform you use, you can lose money if you fail to comprehend the risk and volatility involved with trading. However, the viewpoint of a professional will differ from that of any novice trader. 

As you may already know, any currency is volatile, and cryptocurrency is no exception. New traders often don’t understand the risks involved in the crypto market and take things for granted. No matter which software they use, investing in crypto will involve risks. 

Let’s assume you desire to start investing in crypto through this platform. In that case, you’ll want this platform to assure optimal security and protection of your funds and top-notch privacy of your data. After a thorough evaluation, we found that Tesler meets both these requirements. 

Moreover, based on the customer testimonials and reviews, and multiple online forums, it’s safe to say that Tesler is a fully legit, safe, and secure crypto trading platform. The fact that it features approved and licensed CFD brokers means it is a trustworthy and legitimate platform in the crypto world. 

So, the one-line answer to your query is: No, Tesler is not a scam, but a totally legit and safe platform. 

Tesler Pros & Cons 


  • Licensed, efficient, and helpful account brokers
  • Direct, hassle-free crypto withdrawal
  • Get virtual funds to practice trading in demo mode.
  • It comes with excellent asset management features
  • Offers tools for risk control


  • Not accessible in all nations 
  • It doesn’t completely reduce the risk

The Final Verdict 

Tesler is a completely safe and legit automated crypto trading platform that enables all crypto enthusiasts to generate higher daily profits. The software is highly secure and operates more efficiently than other automated trading software.

With Tesler at your disposal, you won’t have to stick your eyes to the screen to assess and analyze the crypto market trends and patterns. The AI-powered bots on this platform take care of that for you. You must select ‘Autopilot’ as your trading option, and the platform will execute the crypto trades for you. 

So, that’s the end of this Tesler review. Hopefully, you now have a better idea and knowledge about this trading platform. The fact that Tesler is legit means you can try it anytime you want. So, get started whenever you feel you are ready! 

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