Terrorism On Dark Net: Is It Even Proven Now?

Terrorism on dark net has been one of the raging concepts that are selling out fast like hot cake. The reason behind this is that the dark web itself is a hidden place that arouses curiosity amongst people. People are generally aware of the terrorism that occurs in the physical world. When it comes to terrorist activities on the dark web, it causes even more interest in people. 

However, the concept of terrorism on darknet might be quite familiar these days or people assume that it is possible since it is the “darknet”. The scenario was just the opposite back in the 2000s. In the early 2000s, a boy aged 24 years going by the name Evan Kohlmann had informed the director of his research groups a pretty astonishing fact. He stated that the terrorists were implementing the internet bulletin boards giving rise to attacks. 

Earlier in those days, it felt strange as the intelligence investigators did not even think of going into the internet investigations. But Kohlmann very soon realized something had evolved from a blind spot.

In the beginning of the century, the terrorists had been linked to Al-Qaeda and various other extremist groups had been loving the deep web. This deep web is that part of the internet never indexed by the traditional search engines. The deep web had provided the extremists some ability to communicate over the internet on a global scale. Everything was happening outside the prying eyes. The organization for which Kohlmann was working refused to hear about it. 

“It seemed to me that this really was the future. We would have given our arm for this kind of information and it was just being offered up to us on a silver platter,” Kohlmann told a prominent news outlet. “And it just didn’t seem like anyone had a good handle on it.”

This realization of that 24-year-old guy helped him create niche expertise later making him an invaluable asset to the leading intelligence agencies of the world. It was then, his agencies started believing about terrorism on dark net

The Initial Phase Of Terrorism On Dark Net Fact

Kohlmann had arrived at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. bearing his dreams of taking up American politics as a specialization. In no time, he became disillusioned with his companion. He found that his co-mates were nowhere near to the energy and spirited debate. His dispassionate co-mates were too much into the hunt for fame and fortune. Kohlmann found it to be extremely boring. 

On the contrary, he went to pursue an experience diametrically opposite to what his peers had chosen. His ambition was worth one thing he felt to be investing in. He was motivated by an interest in war-torn Afghanistan. At that time, Afghanistan was under the peer pressure of the Taliban. During this period, Kohlmann started his online research from which he never surfaced. 

Kohlmann explained in his early findings, “the deep web was a kind of ‘wild west’, in which there was not a lot of law enforcement and therefore not a lot of paranoia about surveillance.”

Kohlman had joined the aforementioned think tank with his long-time friend, Josh Devon. Jost is currently the fellow co-founder of Flashpoint, a risk intelligence firm. In this think tank, Kohlmann had first come to understand deeply that the terror activity on the web requires serious investigation and that various things are openly sold in the darknet. However, for a very long time, he was alone in this opinion. 

Tools Of Trade In Curbing Terrorism on Dark Net

When asked about the kinds of tools Kohlmann used to hide his identity in his research, he said, “The truth is, we don’t use any methods that are incredibly innovative or unique – we use the same methods as [any other forum user].”

As per him, the best way to get hold of a terrorist is to behave like one. He furthermore stated – “If illicit actors are using the Tor network to connect to a particular forum in order to anonymize their activity, then we need to use Tor. If they’re using a proxy, then we need to use a proxy.”

Both of these aforesaid services act as an intermediary between the user and the internetworking to veil the original IP address. Tor uses three proxy layers such as an entry node, a middle relay and an exit node for further protection. He also mentioned Telegram, a popular messaging app that terrorists use to communicate. However, there other such services that promote terrorism on the dark web.