Terms And Facts About Lounge Cleaning

Before we come to the part where we know about the details of lounge cleaning, we will see what a lounge is and what is it used for.

A lounge is an area in some public place like a hotel, guest houses, airports etc. where one can sit, wait and relax. Basically, it is a room meant for leisure activities. It is also known by other names such as the living room, sitting room, drawing room etc.  It may also be called a front room when it is present just near the main entrance of the building.

A typical lounge often consists of:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Sofa
  • Lamps
  • Rugs
  • Bookshelves
  • Fireplace (occasionally)

Uses of a lounge:

  • Lounges in airports are very useful for passengers who intend to stay and wait there. It provides them with a comfortable environment and helps them to relax while waiting.
  • Lounges in hotels resorts also help in a similar purpose. It provides guests with a sense of warmth and helps them to relax or spend their leisure time in the best possible way.
  • In a similar way, it works in other places such as our own homes.

Now, something which is this important needs to be kept clean. A dirty lounge would drive the guests away instantly. It might be a cumbersome process, but it is totally required.

Let us know about the few general points of cleaning a lounge:

  • Different things need a different approach. You cannot clean the sofas and bookshelves in the same way.
  • One must try cleaning the lounge at least once a day. In case of a huge crowd or it being used very often, ideally, it should be cleaned more than once.
  • The things required should preferably be of good quality.
  • Skilled workers must be employed in places like hotels, airports etc.

Cleaning a Sofa:

Depending upon the use of the sofa, you need to clean it. Firstly, check the label at the back to know about the fabric of the sofa. It should give you a basic idea of lounge cleaning.

  • W – This indicates that water can be used for cleaning
  • X – No water, vacuum only.
  • S – Clean with dry cleaner detergent.
  • WS – A dry clean detergent, mild detergent or mid steam can be used.

Use of baking soda is very helpful in the cleaning of a sofa. It helps to remove the dirt and grime embedded in the fabric. Other than it, you will need brushes, clothes and vacuum cleaner. After applying baking soda, keep it for few minutes and then rub it off using the brush. This will help is removing the debris away.

For tough stains, you might require a strong detergent or a mixture of vinegar with other ingredients. For deep clean, you should use a steam cleaner.

Removing dust from the cushions and sofa cover, use the brushes and beat them out in a sunny day. Another benefit from this would be the ultraviolet rays killing the germs.

Cleaning the carpet:

Brushes, Baking soda, detergent etc. are needed here too.  A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust from the carpet.

Carpet fibres are quite twisted so move the vacuum cleaner vertically and horizontally. This will be especially helpful for people having pets. It helps in removing hair and dander. Detergent and cloth can be used to remove blots and tough stains on the carpet.

Cleaning Bookshelves:

Dusty and dirty bookshelves are big-time turn-off. Lounge cleaning isn’t a very tough task. Just use a wet cloth or a brush to remove the accumulated dust.

Use a wet cloth or brush to remove the dust.