HALARA is a world leader of women’s sports clothing, dedicated to the highest quality designer outfits for tennis players of all levels. Be inspired by us! You can also visit our collection of new tennis clothes at our showroom in Sydney. We are known worldwide for what our sister brand ‘Lauren’ offers to its customers. And you are more than welcome to visit us.

We work with professionals who advise us on every aspect of the design and production process, from advanced materials analysis to product testing during real matches. We provide both an iconic style, which will inspire you with great confidence, and functional clothing that allows you to perform at your best.

Our commitment is to create a perfect combination of style, comfort and performance. To achieve this goal, we have created a unique production process that guarantees excellent quality of our products. We use only the finest materials – from innovative fabrics to environmentally friendly dyes – which will make you look good on court and feel confident during play.

We offer an outstanding selection of ladies’ clothes for tennis players of all levels who appreciate quality and individuality. Our team creates new lines every season with fresh designs in line with the latest fashion trends. If you want a unique outfit or a more traditional design for your tennis practice, HALARA is there for you! 

Tennis dresses – tennis skirts – tennis tops

Do you like our range of HALARA tennis skirt and tops? We hope you do! As we understand that it takes a bit more than just products to provide professional coaching, here is an insight into the back story of our brand HALARA. How do we come up with ideas? Why did we start this business? HA&A stands for highly functional apparel guaranteed to enable your performance. Who are our customers? We work with individuals who are passionate about their sport or activity. They expect high-quality results combined with affordable prices. We are proud to be working with tennis legends including former top 30 Indian player, now coach Mr. Vishal shah and former Asian junior number 1, now atp ranked player Mr. Yuki Bhambri. With our wide selection of HALARA brand you are sure to find the perfect sports apparel for your game!

Benefits of HALARA tennis skirt

1) Fresh-smelling tennis skirt at the end of the day

2) You can wear it to work or during your daily errands

3) You can wear it to an evening event too!

Suggestions for proper HALARA skirt tennis care

1) Hand wash only

2) Use Mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softener

3) Hang to dry in shade. Do not iron.

4) Bleach can be used if there is a bad stain, but use bleach sparingly.

5) DO NOT machine wash or machine dry

6) Use a laundry net to prevent the fibers from breaking. (optional)

– IMPORTANT NOTE: The benefits of HALARA skirt tennis are lost when washed or dried improperly. If you suspect that your HALARA tennis skirt has been washed or dried improperly, there may be no recourse for you to take.

A HALARA skirt tennis is only as good as how well it’s cared for!


HALARA is a newly created brand, focused on creating sports apparel catered towards women’s needs in the sports & fitness industry. Using the best materials possible, combined with professional design and construction, produces superior products for your sporting desires. We carefully select our materials, whilst striving to keep costs as low possible for you! Our fabrics will ensure comfort and functionality in whatever sport you choose to partake. We will not sell our products unless they are fit for purpose and do what they claim to do!