Ten tips to maintain a good relationship in couples

Today, couple advice relationships are becoming shorter and more unstable. Although most of us aspire to share our lives with someone special, trust and grow together, many times emotional problems arise that lead to decisions such as separation or divorce.

In Peru, according to the National Superintendency of Public Records (Sunarp), between January and July of this year 5,046 divorces were registered, which represents an increase of 4.90% compared to the same period in 2017, year in which 4,810 were registered separations.

Jesús Canales Llontop, coach and expert in Neurolinguistic Programming at Biolaser, points out that although discussions can arise in the couple as usual due to the time they spend together, this situation can be triggered. And it is each person is a world, with defects and virtues. 

“When problems arise constantly, it is best to find a specialist to help them achieve a better understanding and strengthen the relationship,” he said. 

For example – he said – in “couples therapy”, with coaching techniques, we manage to transform negative attitudes into possibilities and through coaching techniques to open up to face those fears from introspection and internal analysis before projecting it on the couple “. visit best relationship website named bigmatrimonial.


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Many channels will offer on November 28 and 29 the couples workshop “I, you, we”, where it will provide guidance on questions such as: Who is going to be my life partner? How can I handle various situations with my partner? and how forgiveness begins a new stage in the relationship, among others.

ten tips to maintain a good relationship  

1.- Communication: say things in the moment and in their real dimension. It is better to express what hurts when it happens and avoid being silent out of fear or shame.

2.- Love: despite the passage of time, signs of affection such as kisses and hugs must always be present to keep the relationship alive

3.- Comprehension: especially in bad times. Understand that all stages, especially the most difficult, are temporary.

4.- Commitment: it is necessary for each member of the couple to feel that they are one of the most important parts of the other’s life. 

5.- Trust: knowing that one can count on the other, especially in situations where we most require their support.

6- Respect: accept each one as they are and always treat our partner as we like to be treated.

7.- Union: demonstrate all the strength of the relationship in adverse moments such as lack of money. The struggle to overcome is easier when you act together.

8.- Learn to forgive: it is important not to hold a grudge and stop blaming the other constantly.

9.- Projects in common: to consolidate as a couple, it is necessary to dream to grow together. This is why it is important to develop plans together and help each other.

10.- Say thank you: a key word that we must always express to thank and acknowledge the contribution and good gestures of our partner in the relationship.