Ten Points to Consider When Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

One of the most enjoyable home improvement jobs is remodelling a bathroom. The end result is a gleaming new shower or bathtub, a fresh paint scheme, a bathroom vanity with a stunning surface, and more storage than ever before.

A high-quality bathroom remodel with Modern Bathrooms can also increase the resale value of your home. Hiring an experienced bathroom contractor like Modern Bathrooms in Dublin to see your project through to completion is one method to ensure you get the greatest bathroom remodel.

Three or more bathroom contractors should be interviewed

When you simply talk to one or two bathroom contractors, you only get a restricted set of perspectives. If you go ahead and ask these contractors for bids, the prices may be greater than you anticipated. It will be easier to locate the contractor who is the best fit for your task if you interview a larger number of contractors. You’ll also have a larger selection of bids to choose from.

Examine the contractor’s past work

Bathroom contractors usually bring a picture gallery of prior bathroom remodels, either in a picture book or on a screen, to the interview. You can also look at the contractor’s portfolio on their website or on one of the contractor-matching websites to which they join.

Look through the eye-catching photos to see if this bathroom contractor does the type of work that you require.

Obtain written quotations

For either the homeowner or the bathroom contractor, verbal estimates are worthless. Even when everyone has excellent intentions, numbers are forgotten, misconstrued, or misheard. Estimates that are well-written are not only easy to understand, but they are also useful when taking legal action. It’s absolutely acceptable to request a verbal estimate from a bathroom contractor. Just remember that no one is bound by that number, and that you should follow up with a formal cost estimate.

Make a schedule for yourself

Before signing the contract, make sure to explain with the bathroom contractor when the remodel can begin and how long the job will last. Both you and the contractor care about the schedule. You can proceed with the deal once both of you are in agreement.

“Time is of the essence” is a common contract phrase that specifies the amount of time the contractor has to complete the project, as well as the homeowner’s payment plan.

Make it clear what the contractor will be doing

Speak with the bathroom contractor on what will be accomplished during the project even before the contract is made up. Contractors for bathroom remodels follow a set of procedures and use specified materials.

The contractor will never simply say that the bathroom will be redone. Instead, this larger bathroom renovation project is divided into several smaller initiatives with distinct objectives.

Consider bringing your own or repurposing goods

You have the option of recycling useful materials from your old bathroom when remodelling your bathroom with a contractor, in addition to employing new building materials. Discuss the materials you want to repurpose with the contractor ahead of time. Follow the contractor’s advice on the viability of these materials as well.


Most bathroom remodelling companies allow consumers to bring in smaller items like fixtures. If they say no, this contractor might not be right for you. The majority of the things, such as the larger building materials, should be provided by the contractor.

Talk about the extras

If a contractor is proactive in bringing up little concerns that effect your life during the bathroom remodel, they are a good contractor. What will you do if the bathroom being renovated is your only bathroom at this time? When will the subcontractors show up and when will they leave? Will they be available on weekends? All of these factors, as well as others, have an impact on your life during the bathroom remodelling process.

Validate credentials and licences

Bathroom contractors must be licenced and registered, and this comes with a slew of requirements, including insurance, bonding, criminal background checks, testing, and continuing education. As a condition of membership, most online sites that assist individuals discover contractors demand that licences and registrations be current.


Don’t assume that the contractor’s licences and bonds are genuine or current just because they’re shown on their website. Check with the municipal agency about the licences.

Choose the best contractor for the job

Your ultimate contractor pick for your bathroom makeover involves a delicate balance of multiple elements, not just the one that most of us focus on—a low estimate. If the workmanship or materials only last a few years, an affordable bathroom makeover isn’t worth the money. Instead, consider the cost as well as the quality.

  1. Your relationship with the contractor
  2. If the contractor’s previous projects are comparable to yours.
  3. Both yours and the contractor’s scheduling
  4. Professionalism of the contractor
  5. Other clients’ testimonials

Once you’ve chosen a bathroom contractor, make sure you sign a contract. Both parties should sign and date this contract, which should include the cost, payment plan, work site address, start and end dates, and any other specifics that both parties agree on for the remodel project.


Pass on the bathroom contractor if he or she refuses to conduct business with you despite having a formal contract in place. This is a warning sign. Even if the contractor has no intention of defrauding you, it indicates a lack of attention to detail that could cause problems later on in the project.

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