Ten different kinds of greeting cards

Cards are used to convey feelings and emotions. Greeting cards were once thought to be an important aspect of any special occasion. People used to send greeting cards to their loved ones, they still do, but the number of the population utilizing it has decreased. This is due to the advancement of technology.

You can send greeting cards on different occasions. You can let your close ones know how important they are to you. These cards can make them happy and brighten their day. They will know that you have spent time and effort in creating and sending these cards. You can add a personal message or create different designs of greeting cards for your friends and family.

There are many various sorts of greeting cards available, including blank interior cards where you may write your own message. Some include amusing animal photographs, while others have computer-generated images representing improbable animals. Others feature stunning scenery or one-of-a-kind artwork. Some people utilize photography in unusual ways to make themselves appear elderly or to portray scenes or characters from classic films.

However, in this article we will talk about these different types of cards:

Flat Cards:

Flat cards are the simplest type of greeting card. These cards have a message written on the front and maybe sometimes on the back too. Many people go for these types of cards, due to the ease of their making. This is a flat piece of paper that can conveniently display your message. These cards can be made in a hassle-free manner.

Folded Cards:

When we talk about greeting cards, many people visualize folded cards only. These types of cards are the most popular. Folded cards are further divided into many types. But a basic folded card is in a rectangle shape and has a single fold. You can also go for other shapes of folded cards. The possibilities are endless for such cards. You can create any pattern or design in accordance with the occasion you’re sending it on.

Accordion Card

The accordion card has three folds , which means you can write more and let the other person know about what you are trying to convey in a proper manner. It contains three panels , which are usually of the same size. You can create different desgins and different patterns to make these cards attractive. Mostly religious birthday greeting cards are accordion cards.

Pop-up cards:

 These cards do exactly what their name implies: when you open the card, graphics appear in the center. Pop-Up Cards have tabs cut out of the card blank that is placed inside a folded card. When the card is closed, the photos are glued to the bottom section of the tabs, which elegantly fold down when the card is closed and pop up again when the card is opened!

Cut-out cards:

They demonstrate effort and attention to detail that regular fold or flat cards just do not. A laser-cut greeting card’s added character can make the recipient feel more unique and valued. Because it’s more difficult to fit a lot of information on these, they’re best used as a save the date or a short “thinking of you” card rather than an invitation, thank you note, or another card that requires a lot of writing.

Shaker cards

Aperture Cards and Shaker Cards both have a window in the front, however Shaker Cards simply fold once to form two panels. The glitter or embellishments will be sealed with acetate in this window. After cutting out your shape in the front panel, use a foam sheet to create room between the acetate and the rear panel so the glitter may travel about. These cards are full of intricate details that can make them look attractive. Simply glue on the back panel to hold it all together once the space has been filled. The card will then open in the same way that a Standard Fold Card would. 

If you utilize these cards for your friend or family member, then just know that they will love them. This is because of the surprise factor it involves. These types of cards will never miss an opportunity to excite the receiver.

Card with a Diorama

Diorama Cards are a little more complicated, as they use numerous pieces of cards taped or glued together to create a 3D scene with graphics. Religious birthday greeting cards can be included in this category. They have multiple card folds, a window with a pattern in the background, and designs glued onto the foreground, giving them a lot of depth. These types of cards have a lot of beautiful aspects that can make the receiver love these cards. These cards can be made in a variety of ways, but the completed product will always have numerous layers for incredible depth. Diorama Cards fold flat for posting after they’re finished.

Cards that spin

Spinning cards are very attractive and most people go for these types of cards as they are very unique and have a surprise element involved in them.A Spinner Card is a simple concept: as you rotate the card from side to side, the spinner on the card moves with it. To make it, start by cutting a large box out of a card and layering it on top of a card blank. The spinner can be produced by layering two coins or coin-like embellishments with a foam pad, then sticking the spinning picture on top. These coins are then placed inside the long box, and when moved, they will slide to the side.

Bottom Line:

Greeting cards are not just a piece of paper, instead, they have a lot of variety and all of these choices can show and commute your feelings and emotions.

Now that you know so many different types of greeting cards, you can utilize this information when sending a greeting card next time. You have a lot to think about before sending out your next batch of greeting cards, with so many distinct types to choose from. Consider your occasion, style preference, type preference, and the purpose of the card when purchasing your next greeting care.

Author Bio:

Jane Kate is famous due to her collection of greeting cards. She has created and invented several different types of greeting cards. Although her favorite category of greeting cards are religious birthday greeting cards .