Sunknowledge Services Inc: One-Stop Solution for all Your Telemedicine Problems

Offering a real time support and opportunity that makes healthcare practices work easy, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the one stop solution for all your telemedicine problems. Providing all the support that your healthcare practices need in this period of crisis, Sunknowledge Services Inc has the perfect robust redundancy plan (disaster management plan) for your telemedicine platform and medical billing problems.

Enhancing on clients experience in revenue generation, Sunknowledge services expert not only eliminates various medical billing and telemedicine problems like  employment issues, continuous follow-up, chasing the payment and many more but also ensure operation cost reduction.

Ensuring 99.9% accuracy rate in every process, the Sunknowledge team of experts ensure the highest productivity metrics to all its clients.

Taking extra initiative in maintaining 100% HIPAA compliance standards for the telemedicine and medical billing platform, our team is here with the ability to serve all the clients to the full potential. Providing end to end support that our client need, our team has experience and certified billers, coders along with dedicated account managers for complete assistance.

Opening new scope of opportunities for physicians in securing their reimbursement from the insurance, our expert’s team is capable of handling all billing and collection for tele health consults too. Providing a solution that helps with seamless telemedicine and medical billing transaction, Sunknowledge services expert also helps in eliminating the time and the money that is wasted during the process while increasing patient engagement.

Providing patients with holistic care at every stage possible, we are here helping patient with the treatment and services needed in a timely manner. Using a proprietary web-based service that features HD video conferencing, secure Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with appointment scheduler, Sunknowledge experts are here providing all the support your health care practices needs during this period of crisis in all your telemedicine and medical billing process.

For more information, get in touch with the our Sunknowledge experts itself, we are just a call away!