Teegara.com the Egyptian ecommerce wholesale platform

Teegara.com Arabic translation for Teegara is commerce, Teegara.com is a B2B2C ecommerce wholesale company, they have a wholesale solution that allows the vendors to set a discounts per quantities with minimum order quantity options as well, one of the problems the they solve is the sourcing issues for the small merchants who are struggling to maximize their profits since there is 3 to 4 mediators between them and the vendors, also they are dealing with individual merchants especially women with innovative financial solutions for them.

Teegara.com also minimizes the high “OPEX” operations costs for the vendors, by helping them reach new targets of merchants and new areas with the lowest cost of product distribution.

After Covid-19 they found a huge demand from both vendors and merchants and they are now expanding the team to handle the potential growth in the coming period.

Behind Teegara.com the founder and CEO Ahmad AL Kayyali with extensive experience in sales, business development and e-commerce with academic background of MBA in entrepreneurial and strategic management, and Ahmed Samir CCO, with more than 16 years experience in distribution and sales operations, and Nader Ibrahim as a CFO who has 23 years of experience in financial advisory and accounting with academic background MBA and DBA in financial management and a strong team that covers the marketing, sales operations and business analysis.

The founders are planning to expand outside Egypt and to provide the company’s services in MEA’s countries, especially that this kind of services will be highly demanded after Covid-19.



Teegara.com is also a member of IFGICT, a shortlisted UN towards sustainability and quality certifications. 



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