TECHOVN – providing the Best quality products in the field of power and water

TECHOVN is the company which has been founded in the year 1949 and has an immense amount of experience in the field of power and water. This particular company very well focuses on customer satisfaction because the company not only sells the products but also helps in retaining them throughout their useful life. This company has a great amount of experience of the field of power as well as water and helps in providing the best quality products along with top-notch collaborations with the biggest manufacturers of the world and Indian technological partners so that consumers have proper access to the best quality products.

 The product portfolio of this particular company has been categorised as follows:

 -The electricity meters: These kinds of electricity meters can be further categorised into group smart meters, three-phase smart and static meters and the single-phase smart as well as static meters. In the cases of single-phase, the meter accuracy class lies between 0.5-2 and the communication is in 4G, 2G and 3G. This particular meter comes in the categorisation of RF and wired and is also highly customisable as per the required specifications of the customers. Similar are the features of the three-phase smart and static meters. In the cases of group meters, the meters can be connected with the help of single communication module and these kinds of heaters are also highly customisable depending upon the consumer needs and requirements so that overall goals are easily and efficiently achieved all the time.

 -The panel meters: These kinds of panel meters are further bifurcated into three-phase and one phase panel meters. The basic parameters to be taken into consideration at the time of choosing are manufacturing these kinds of meters is the voltage, kilowatt-hour, power factor, communication port, on hours, run hours, frequency, current and several other kinds of things.

 -The EV chargers: This particular charger can also be known as the smart AC chargers and come within the range of 3.3-80 kWh chargers. Each other also has the complete ability to charge itself depending upon the usage of the customers so that consumers can avail multiple advantages with this very easily.

TECHOVN has a great manufacturing facility and as the factory located at Haryana. This particular company is the dedicated manufacturer of electronics and helps in providing the customers with best quality products all the time. The company also has fully automated SMD lines so that it can manufacture the products very well without any kind of issue in the whole process.

Hence, one must always go with the option of availing these kinds of products from this particular company only because the company is very much successful in providing the most accurate and successful products of the industry because the company utilises the innovation element in the production very well. The company also makes sure that valuable time and money saving solutions are provided to the customers all the time so that the mind of customers has always been put at ease.


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