Technology That Everyone Should Be Familiar With

Technology is a big part of modern life. It plays a role in all areas of life and can be a huge convenience when you know how to use it.

As the incorporation of technology becomes more commonplace at work and at home, it’s important that everyone knows how to navigate the basics, both for their own satisfaction and to help them succeed. Here are a few key areas that you should have at least some minimal knowledge and skills in.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are a lifeline for many people. Not only do they keep you connected with everyone in your life, but you can pay bills, make travel arrangements, and even do your work all from your smartphone. 

Not everyone needs to know how to run a business from their phone, but you should be able to do the basics such as place and receive phone calls and text messages, check your email, and use the internet to look up important information, directions, or phone numbers. 

Phone manufacturers and wireless service providers are constantly upgrading and improving the features that are offered. As new technology is introduced, some of the old gradually fade out. You need to be aware of what features and products are current so you can make the best purchase selections and know how to handle your older devices. This way, if you have a 2g SIM card or similar network model, you know what to expect and can prepare for possible connectivity issues.


Another popular way to communicate that everyone should be able to use is email. Email is a way to almost instantly send and receive messages. This is a popular method of communication at work, since it’s effective and can be used on secure networks to send sensitive information.

Using email in personal life is also a good way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. You can easily add attachments so you can share a few pictures or other documents. 


These days the internet is used for nearly everything. It’s a huge wealth of information and potential. You can use the internet to research nearby restaurants or stores that you need to visit and get directions and contact information for them.

The internet is also full of options for streaming entertainment and learning new things. College classes can be taken online. Even offices use the internet to access their workspaces and send and receive information to employees.

Once you know how to log on to the internet and access a search engine, the possibilities are truly endless.

Video Conferencing

Conference calls have gotten an upgrade in the recent past. The new trend is video conferencing. By connecting with the other person, or group, using video, you can have a more natural interaction. All parties can see the others’ facial expressions and feel like they are really interacting with someone and not just a disembodied voice. 

Word Processing

Basic document processing is an essential skill to have and can be helpful in school, at work, and at home. You should know how to access a word processing application and format your document or spreadsheet for your needs.

Knowing how to save, share, and print the finished document is also needed. It’s not difficult to learn this type of technology and can often be the foundation for learning to use some more intricate programs.


When you work with technology, you are getting a lot of benefits in terms of convenience, efficiency, and range of options, but you also open yourself up for cyber attacks and lost data. 

Everyone that uses technology should be aware of how to use virus protection and how to create passwords to safeguard their information. Learning how to recognize phishing attempts and scams to steal or destroy your information is also necessary. 

If you aren’t used to using technology, the sheer amount that surrounds us can be intimidating until you become more familiar with it. After you are comfortable with a few basic functions, you can start to branch out and discover how thrilling and life-changing technology actually is.