Technology Roadmap – Why Every Business Should Use It

A business needs a strong roadmap for its efficient execution. Building a strong product plan is an important guiding document for several businesses. In addition to it, a business should also have a technology roadmap or IT roadmap that summaries the steps and technology solutions used to accomplish short-duration and long-duration objectives of a business.

Let us learn more about the effectiveness of a technological roadmap for an organization.

What Is An IT Systems Roadmap?

The IT systems roadmap describes the systems to permit core abilities across the business. These systems include ERP systems, CRM systems, data analytics systems, and other critical systems that assist the business operation. This roadmap offers important information that assists organizations to form efficient decisions around technological investments.

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A technological roadmap enables companies to determine what technologies to implement, how to create a plan, and a realistic timeline to execute the new system. All this detailed planning is done to ensure that the infrastructure and technology investment fulfills the short-duration and long-duration objectives of the organization.

What Is The Need Of A Technological Roadmap?

A technological roadmap is needed if an organization wants to get more strategic. They want to leverage the technology (cloud, social, digital, mobile) to push their business strategy forward. 

Companies use plenty of technologies to assist their employees. At some point in time, the collection of technologies gets complicated and resource-intensive process. Due to this reason, the overall infrastructure has to be planned and executed again in an organized way.

A business thus needs to get regular assistance from the IT department. This is because technology will help support key users of business functions and the need to implement the latest technologies in the business.

It helps to align key stakeholders, which includes IT, engineering, and other business units. A technology roadmap will help form an action plan to implement the latest technology solutions or preserve existing ones. With this plan, teams can understand the technology needs to attain the end objective.

What Are The Components Of A Technology Roadmap?

The key components of a technology roadmap include:

  • Objectives of a business
  • New system capabilities
  • Milestones
  • Release plans
  • Training
  • Resources
  • Risk factors
  • Status reports

Who Are Involved In Building A Technology Roadmap?

A technology roadmap involves the following key stakeholders in an organization to create a realistic, functional, and result-oriented plan.

  • IT
  • Product management
  • Project management
  • General managers
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Legal


Building an IT roadmap is a part of the process. A business should also form strategies to share it with major stakeholders to keep the organization aware of the overall plan, and how the technology projects track. This enables everyone to completely understand the individual projects and entire project in the technology roadmap.