Technology and Digital Nomad Insurance: Andrew Jernigan’s Innovation at Insured Nomads

In a technologically driven society, the digitization of processes is vital for the successful adaptation to our culture and way of life. In the insurance space, no one has designed a unique solution to tap into this advancing technology.

Andrew Jernigan and his team at Insured Nomads have deployed a panic button with responders ready anywhere in the world. They have seen the challenge and answered the call. Digital policy ID cards, travel alerts, mental health, and cyber safety are some of the innovative ways that Insured Nomads has continued to serve its customers.

Andrew Jernigan is an insurance technology pioneer who has created an insurance solution that benefits the global traveler. Andrew has provided a product that is the most robust solution for protecting people’s health, financial stability, personal safety, and security.

Insured Nomads is the first insurtech or insurance with advanced tech-enabled features for remote workers, digital nomads, expats, and global employees. It provides improved benefits at reasonable pricing and exceptional levels of service in multiple markets through direct to the consumer channels and through select brokers and strategic partnerships.

Andrew has had years of travel experience and has represented over 25 of the leading companies in the insurance space. He and his team of experts know exactly what is absent from the industry, and have identified key solutions that have been ignored.

The insurance space needed reimagining to include insurance for the international lifestyle. When asked what he thought would really help the insurance space, Andrew posits, “we do not need another copy of the same book just with a well-designed cover. When it comes to insurance for nomads, we need stronger, tailor-made solutions that truly respond to the need of a free-spirited world explorer. Insured Nomads is bringing the available technologies with a global network of hospitals and care providers, emergency response services, and feature integrations.”

As the world continues to turn and technology inevitably continues to overtake our lives Andrew Jernigan wants to be known as one who empowered people to live their fullest, activate their gifts, and surpass their limitations.

Insurance for the international lifestyle needs a continuous innovative force to break through the barriers of complacency that seem to have permeated some of the industry and Insurance Nomads aims to change this for the industry as a whole.

They want to continue to innovate and create unconventional solutions such as travel insurance, medical insurance, and global health insurance for the digital nomad or remote worker. The company is poised for growth and Andrew Jernigan has the experience and capability to take his team to the next level of business.