Technical Analysis 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Investment

Getting into the stock market or trading is extremely challenging due to the dynamic and unpredictable elements these markets are known to have. However, there are some fundamental analyst features all investment beginners should know about, as they’ll make the process of learning about these industries much easier and faster.

One of such features is the investment technical analysis, which helps stock market players and investors predict future price movements by analyzing previous price changes and current investment trends. Keep reading to find out everything about it!

What is technical analysis?

Investment technical analysis is a special method used by traders and stock market experts to predict possible future price movements. To do this, they use market data and previous price fluctuations that calculate the most probable movements in the future.

Essentially, two approaches to technical analysis exist — the bottom-up approach and the top-down approach. While both are used by different people and for different purposes, both of these two approaches deliver outstanding results.

The top-down approach

This approach to technical analysis overlooks the bigger picture of the state of the overall economy and markets before focusing on specific features and individual nuances. This means experts will first take a look at economies and their sectors before moving on to specific companies. As such, the top-down approach is predominantly used by short-term traders.

The bottom-up approach

On the contrary, this approach zeroes in on individual stocks or features before taking the big picture into consideration to assess the situation. It’s extremely popular among people who are searching for a diamond in the rough stock that’ll grow in the future. Therefore, the bottom-up approach is mainly used by long-term investors.

The process of technical analysis

Investment technical analysis incorporates several steps as part of its process. Some key elements of this long and complex process are:

1.     Step 1: Choose a strategic approach

The first step of this type of analysis is to develop a unique trading system or follow an existing strategy. With so many options, the possibilities are endless. However, the majority of beginner traders and investors decide to follow a low-risk strategy before gaining some knowledge and experience related to this industry.

2.     Step 2: Choose a brokerage

Once you develop your strategy, it’s time to choose a brokerage and get a trading account that offers you the required security and support for your trading and investment activities. The goal is to find a brokerage that’ll provide you with the much-needed functionality and flexibility while keeping the costs low.

3.     Step 3: Monitor the situation and tack specific trades

Following that, it’s crucial to track and monitor all price fluctuations and changes. Although some markets are more volatile than others, the success of traders and investors lies within their ability to track changes and predict future price trends.

4.     Implement tools or software

Numerous modern tools and software programs have been created to maximize the performance of both trading beginners and experts. However, the most important ones may be related to investment technical analysis, as they calculate and predict possible future changes across markets.

With helpful tools and programs by your side, you can ensure a stable and reasonable decision-making process for all your future trading and investment opportunities.

5.     Step 5: Understand the risks

Finally, trading and investment aren’t simple activities that are easy to master. The exceptionally high volatility of these markets makes it challenging to balance all the profits and losses. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the risks these industries come with and implement correct strategies that’ll prevent you from experiencing unexpected price fluctuations and costly failures.

To sum it up

All in all, the investment technical analysis is the core for all trading and investment activities. As a method that lets beginners and experts gain insight into previous and potential future price trends, technical analysis is one of the most popular strategies among people who work in highly volatile markets.

As a novice participant in the trading industry, technical analysis can help you make better decisions and secure your profits, regardless of the trading and investment fields you’re interested in.


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