Tech Entrepreneur Christopher Martin Hughes Shares His Inputs on How to Build a Stellar Website Using WordPress

Website building is a crucial part of your online presence, especially if you want to interact with people via a medium that is entirely your own. Although building a website these days is reasonably easy since the tools are all readily available, but making it an appealing one is a whole other ballgame. Tech entrepreneur Christopher Martin Hughes, born on 17th March 1977, in Leeds, U.K. a British citizen who runs mintWP, shares his thoughts on comfortably building a spectacular website for yourself using WordPress.

According to Hughes, the first step is to buy a domain name and set up a hosting account. A hosting account is a large computer server that ensures that your website stays online. Once you have the hosting account set up, you can install WordPress with its help.

The next step is to upload a theme for your website. Compared to the old days of building a manual website from scratch, this has become a straightforward endeavor. Many sites sell themes or let you download them for free. These are ready-to-use, and you do not have to learn coding to understand them. You can play around with these themes and change the things you want according to your specifications in an effortless manner.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to know to make get a website up and running. Elements like pictures, videos, plugins, and support are things that you will gradually learn through use.

Website building is mainly about having the right type of content and a memorable name. Whatever your business is, customers should be able to understand as well as engage with it through the concise content that you put up. Lastly, you need to take feedback 24/7, reply to it, and immediately take the necessary steps.

Chris Hughes’ company, mintWP, is a 24/7 WordPress support and maintenance that deals with your website’s technical aspects based on customer feedback. They also take care of many of your website’s broader functional elements like caching the backups and security. The essential aspect of why mintWP might be suitable for your company is that they are transparent in everything they do, and feedback is taken not just from your website’s customers, but also from you. At the same time, your website is also streamlined to run smoothly.

mintWP also offers a ton of free guides for you to run learn how to run and reshape your website. You can go about running your business and look after your customers, and let Hughes and mintWP take care of things behind-the-scenes!