Tech Blogs You Need To Know, Before Starting Your Career In Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most common career options.

In modern times, people use the internet for searching for information instead of using books. This is the reason why a number of people are coming forward with their blogs. All the people having some kind of skills should definitely create and their blogs and let others know what you have on your mind. If you are a technology lover and are thinking to start your tech blog, then you first need to know about  The odyssey blog. If you are a lifestyle lover.

Read this article, and you will get to know about the blogs. Remember to read everything properly and carefully.

Shout Me Loud:

Shout Me Loud is one of the best blogs that is made by Harsh Agarwal. If there is anyone who is interested in reading blog posts related to tech, then they can definitely come over to the blog of Harsh Agarwal. This is the blog having millions of subscribers and is definitely an inspiration for the people who are having an interest in blog creation. To know what made him start this blog, then you need to read him out on social media, or you can subscribe to his blog today only.

Digital Inspiration:

By the name itself, it is very much clear that this is a blog related to technology. Amit Agarwal is the official owner of this blog. Amit Agarwal is a former IIT graduate who personifies a passion for technology. He started his journey in 2004 and is also known to be the first professional blogger. If you are keen to know about the tech news or updates related to WordPress, Apple, etc. then you can definitely go by reading his blogs.

In case, you are a person who wants basic knowledge about blogging and tech related things, then you need to try infotechnowiki. This is one of the best blogs that will help you in having all the basic information related to tech. Check it out today to know more.

Blogger Tips and Tricks:

This is a technology blog that is owned by Ankit Kumar Single. Blogger tips and tricks are one of the most successful blogs for people who are interested in setting their own blogging career. As per the research, it has been found that this blog provides information to the people related to tech, its tips, tricks, and simple methods for handling everything. If you are having a high interest in knowing about technology then you should subscribe to this blog of Ankit Kumar Single.


9Lessons is the best tech blogs in India by Srinivasan Tamara and is more like a teaching website. This blog is very much unique because it offers people to learn about the different aspects of programming. Srinivasan Tamara is not only known for his blog, but he is known for the comprehensive tutorials as well. Be it CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Web Design, etc. you can find everything here. Subscribe to his blog for learning about programmings in deep.

Tech PP:

This is again the most popular blog that people should know about. Tech PP is a blog by Raja PP, he started his blogging career in 2011. With a special focus on consumer technology, this is the blog that provides all the important information related to tech and blogging. So, if you want to start your blogging career, then you definitely need to try Tech PP.

In conclusion, blogging is the best career that you can start with. But before that, you need to come in touch with some top technology blogs.

Hopefully, the blogs mentioned in the article will help you. To know more, comment.