What you need to know about teaching in the UAE

Being a teacher in the UAE can sometimes be tricky. We as human beings find it really hard to stick to a schedule. Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s so repetitive that it demotivates us and sometimes it is just downright frustrating. Now most teachers google on how to deal with these issues and most of the results don’t necessarily tell you what to do with real-life examples. So if you are like me and you need executed examples, you can find a UAE teachers forum.

Benefits of the Forum

As I surfed through these forums, the first thing I was elated to discover was the participation of thousands of teachers that kept the forum alive. Before I get into what I learnt from it, let me address a recurring question on these forums. No matter what online teacher certification programs one does, you still need to get a certificate from the Teachers licensing system to teach legally. Now back to how I benefited from the forums. As I browsed through, multiple teachers had a query on how to make their lectures more interesting and less mundane. To my surprise, every single member on the forum had their own innovative teaching method posted that I never thought of to use.               

The community not only tells you various ways to teach but also helps you in not being conned into a less paid agreement. There was a thread I read where a teacher specifically told us what the average salary for teachers is and what fringe benefits we are allotted. Then I opened up another thread where working teachers were notifying us about job vacancies available in their schools. When I came to teach in the UAE, I did not really know my rights as an educator, nor did I know about the things I was entitled to. So after my first interview, I stayed up all the night, going through multiple threads, that not only gave a boost to my confidence but also helped me gain information that I was lacking on.

Benefits of teaching in the UAE

  • All instructors working in government-funded schools will be provided with lodging. Lodging can be outfitted or empty. In the occasion that lodging is empty, a furniture stipend will be paid to the educators. The Education Council does a valiant effort to keep educators’ movement time inside 45 minutes of their school. The Education Council will take care of the expenses for the facilities gave, so educators can spare a significant part of their pay rates.
  • Educators who are chosen to instruct in UAE government schools receive full circle airfare for their companion and up to 3 dependents under 18. Instructors will likewise get a yearly air ticket for themselves and their family in the middle of the long periods of the agreement.
  • UAE government-funded teachers will appreciate sufficient excursion time, normally from mid-July to mid-August of every year. Moreover, instructors are not required to work during any national or Islamic occasions.