Teach Kids Robotics introduces great online resources to teach kids robotics

Robots are fast becoming more popular across the United States. From our homes to the public, we can see robos like Roombas cleaning our floors and self driving cars on the streets of San Francisco. As technology only improves, more robots will appear in society. As an educator / teacher, its important we prepare students for the future and not just the present. To prepare students for the technology and robot filled future we face, its important to dedicate some time teaching kids robotics.

At Teach Kids Robotics educators and parents can find high level lesson plans for on robotics. These plans include slides, blog posts and images to teach students across age levels about robotics. We suggest following the lesson plans in the recommended order as the topics build upon one another.

Lessons include:

Lesson 1 – What is a robot: A gentle introduction to robotics is made with examples from film and real life, explaining what makes robots autonomous with the “sense – plan – act” loop.

Lesson 2 – How do robots experience the world: A brief introduction to hardware sensors and how they enable robots to understand the world around them.

Lesson 3 – How do robots see: A deeper dive on how robots perceive their environment, with a focus on camera and LiDAR sensors.

Lesson 4 – How do robots know where they are: An introduction to robotic localization and mapping, how a robot builds a map of its environment and knows its position in that map.

Lesson 5 – How does a robot decide what to do: An overview of planning and control loops that affect the behavior of a robot once it knows about its environment from its sensors.

We hope these free lessons can benefit educators with free robotics teaching resources.

In addition to these lessons, Teach Kids Robotics offers curated lists of robotic stem kits for hands on robotic learning opportunities at home. Lists are broken down in difficulty by different kids age groups.