TDS Compliances Not a Complicated Task Anymore. Here is The Best Solution.

Are you worried about Return Generation/Uploading, Preparation of TDS/TCS Certificates from TRACES? Are you tired of Requesting a Revised Return or any correction on TRACES?

Your answer lies within Taxmann’s e-TDS Return, which is an automated software trusted by more than 10,000 customers for their end-to-end compliances. More than 1,00,000 TDS returns are filed every quarter using e-TDS software. 

Taxmann’s e-TDS Return is one of the listed software providers as per the Income Tax Department. This software is the most authentic and accurate software that will help you complete your TDS compliance most efficiently.  

What sets us apart, you ask? Here are a few pointers for your consideration:

  1. Most Accurate and Efficient Working Flow focusing on managing more clients & doing less work

It provides an accurate calculation of TDS and interest as per the applicable laws. The operational flow of the software is easy to understand and follow. One can file and upload the TDS returns in just a few clicks. Our six-sigma approach makes the software error-free.

  1. Flexible and Customization Options for Bulk Users because every client is unique

The users can customize and use the software as per their requirements. We also provide a customization facility for bulk users.

  1. 100% Online, No Paperwork

We promote the go-green initiative. All TDS compliances from our software are 100% online, and no paperwork is required. Even TDS certificates like Form 16/16A can be mailed directly to deductees.

  1. Secured Database and Fast Generation of TDS Entries | Light-weight, heavy-hitting

This software is handy for the generation of bulk TDS entries in no time. 

  1. Updates as per Latest Enactments | Made by the industry leaders of content

This software is updated automatically with all the latest amendments as per Finance Act publications and the latest FVU/ RPU version provided by NSDL. The software is always up to date with all statutory guidelines by the department.

  1. Applicability of Section 194N; Simplifying your Work Everyday 

Through this function, users can quickly check whether the recipient has filed an Income tax return or not? The software will apply the TDS rate automatically as per the provisions of Section 194N.

  1. Excel Import/Export

The data can be easily imported through the excel template provided in the software. Data can also be exported in excel.

  1. Single Point Interface for all TDS Compliances

You can manage all activities related to TDS compliance like return generation and uploading, preparation of TDS/TCS certificates from TRACES, request for revised return or any correction on TRACES, Bulk PAN Verification, etc. from this software.

  1. Default Prediction Facility because to err is human 

Using this feature, users can generate an error-free return and minimize getting notices from the Department.

  1. Tax Calculation as per Old and Alternate Tax Regime (Section 115BAC)

We have provided both the options of calculation of the tax as per old regime or new regime. Users need to select the option, and the software will automatically calculate the TDS as per the chosen option.

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