Taxi App Development: Step-by-Step Process, Features & Cost

Whether you are considering starting a new taxi company or looking to modernize an existing business, creating an Uber clone app can have a positive impact on your prospects.

It is possible today to develop a convenient application for ordering machines with automatic and manual dispatch, the ability to provide corporate movements. This article is about how much effort is needed for developers and how much it can cost to develop an application.

How does a taxi app work?

The online taxi booking app allows the customer to reserve a car under the control of a driver, track its movement towards the specified address and pay for the service by entering information about his bank card.

The maps used by the program show the client the cars that are nearby. He has the ability to choose a car category (from economy to premium) and a driver. Thanks to the application, you can see the real image of the car and the person who is driving.

If the car or the personality of the driver inspires fear in the client, there is always the opportunity to change the choice. When making a call, it is not necessary to indicate your location (address data), because the GPS system will inform the contractor where to look for the customer.

Taxi driver services and passenger behavior in the system have their own rating. It is possible to block those who do not reach the minimum mark.

Payment for trips is carried out at a rate consisting of the cost of the run, travel in minutes and kilometers.

Any driver who owns a suitable car can start working at Uber, if they have insurance, a license and a license. Labor in the company is also paid to the bank card.

Of course, all these functions must be confirmed by the corresponding software functionality, if you decide to create a similar application. The original product may include features that make your business usable and that affect your rankings.

Taxi dispatch software as part of the taxi business

Mobile service can be a useful extension of any form of company. It also makes life more enjoyable for drivers who are no longer distracted by calling managers. Now informing will take place through receiving notifications and pop-up messages. An application that provides convenience in ordering services and expanding the base of employees needs the necessary server software to process the request quickly enough.

As a plus, one can single out the fact that the owner of the taxi company does not need to purchase additional equipment. To control it, a smartphone and a computer with the Internet are enough.

So what steps should you take?

  • Find a team that specializes in creating backend and frontend based on server usage.
  • Partner with existing businesses or hire drivers.
  • Develop a product that includes two interfaces – user and corporate.

It is obligatory to use GPS data, by which the server will check the user’s location and notify the nearest performers.

How much will it cost to launch the application?

In conclusion, let’s touch on the main topic of the article – the cost of developing an application.

Parts of the project will include such critical components as the development of the version for IOS, the version for Android, server-side development with the involvement of Web specialists.

The command can consist of:

  • one or two UI and UX designers to develop the interface and user experience;
  • a similar number of IOS developers;
  • pairs of Android developers;
  • backend specialist;
  • QI tester;
  • project manager.

Theoretically, project planning can take 2-3 weeks by any taxi booking app development company, the same is the creation of the design. It can take 3-4 months to develop an MVP, a week to test, and also to conduct a release. It will take one and a half to two months to provide full, smoothly working support for a startup.

On average, the API can cost about $ 20,000, the development of an application for one platform – $ 15,000. The named amount is approximate, it all depends on the specific goals you set and the features of the project.

But there is a hope that the money and time spent will pay off very quickly, as you will have an effective and profitable innovation at the end.

And finally – do not be afraid to launch a simple version of the application for a start. In the future, you will have the opportunity to make updates.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading On-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that leans on business and entrepreneurship.

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