Tapping on Odisha’s logistics potential is essential for the New-Age Indian economy

Gearing up heavily for establishing itself as the logistics and stevedoring hub since the past few years, Odisha harbors significant potential in this sector for diverse solutions such as transportation, inventory management and warehousing material handling.  One of the major macro contributors to national economy – the logistics sector plays a major role in generating employment, national income and foreign investment influx.

The logistics industry is also one of the economic indicators, with all other sectors dependent on it. It is evolving at a rapid pace and is deemed as the backbone of the economy in India. Mahimananda Mishra, the managing director and chief executive officer of Orissa Stevedores Limited (OSL), believes that tapping on Odisha’s logistics potential is essential for the New-Age Indian economy.

At present, the state has several logistics parks with a number of facilities. Storage and warehouses, distribution units, cargo points, maintenance points, service stations and truck services, to name a few. A major stevedoring and end-to-end logistic solution provider on the East Coast Ports of India, Mahimananda Mishra led OSL Group currently handles over 35 million tonnes of cargo across diverse sectors. Its core functional areas include stevedoring, mining, exports, project cargo handling, custom house agency, steamer agency, ship owning & management, trading, etc. The company strives to make the necessary efforts for contributing as much as possible to enhance the sector in which it operates.

In its attempt to accelerate growth in this sector, Odisha state government has also emphasized upon a few potential locations as the hubs for logistics. A few years back, several state authorities urged the commerce and transport department to accelerate the process of land identification and shortlisting of investors in order to expedite the development of the logistics sector. Certainly, the state is strategically located to emerge as a logistics hub and with a few steps in this direction for the execution of plans, it can establish itself as a major player.