Taobao shopping for those who are unable to read mandarin

People worldwide are looking to shop on Taobao because it is an amazing marketplace offering everything you can plan to buy. Taobao is your one-stop solution for purchasing products you cannot find anywhere else. However, there is just one problem, it is in Mandarin, and if you don’t know Mandarin, you may not be able to shop here.

However, there is a solution for you that we shall discuss later; first, let’s check out how to shop on Taobao:

Create an account

It is mandatory to sign up to shop on Taobao. You can click on the English button on the website’s right-hand corner to sign up in English. Sign up with an email or mobile number and set a strong password.

How can you shop in English?

The major barrier a shopper faces while shopping on Taobao is the language issue. You cannot search for anything when you don’t know Mandarin.

First, you can try Google Chrome. Open Settings> language > and add English to your language. The page will get translated into your language. Though it may be a wonky translation, something is better than nothing.

Optimize your search

If you want to search for a product, you can look in the categories to search. You can also use an image of the product or name in the search bar to search for the product.

Look for Taobao reviews to know if the products are legit

It is very important to check out the reviews on Taobao and see if it doesn’t have any complaints. If you have positive reviews for a product, it means you can go for it.

Pick the right size

If you’re purchasing shoes and clothes, then it is essential to pick the right size. Check out the product description to know what size is available.

Purchase directly from Taobao

Once the item is selected, you can add it to the cart. If you are making more purchases, keep adding the products to the cart; once you’re done, check the shipping cost and make payment on the Taobao page.

Using an agent to buy from Taobao

If you don’t know Mandarin and purchasing directly from Taobao seems more challenging, choose an agent service to help you.

The service ensures that matter is available to you in simple English. The translation is the pure translation and not just a supplement.

The agency also ensures inspection and re-packaging for your products to get the right product in perfect condition. It is one of the most convenient ways to make your purchase.

All your orders are collected in the warehouse and shipped together as a single package. You don’t have to worry about their protection and safety.

These are the steps that you should take to purchase on Taobao. Whether you know Mandarin or not, you can easily purchase on Taobao using an agent’s website services. So, feel free to buy anything you want at the perfect price.