TamilGlitz Media Has Audience From International Tamil-Speaking Community

Digital media is an emerging platform. Many Digital Media Publishers strive to bring their page reachable. But among those competitors, TamilGlitz stands separate and provides good content to its regional followers.

TamilGlitz was founded in June 2015 by the group of three – Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B. This trio has given their brand name as ‘TamilGlitz’ primarily focused on the Tamil audience. That is how the new brand ‘TamilGlitz’ has formed to serve the Tamil audience on the Internet. This brand initially struggled to take its place in Digital media. Then it struck all the obstacles on its way and started rising in the Digital media.

Initially, TamilGlitz provided its content to the group of three. This trio then expanded to 15 members who are working to give the best contents in their brand. This made a major impact on the growth of the TamilGlitz in the Internet. The contents in TamilGlitz are hand-picked by the working team to provide the rich contents. The unique style of writing and information added to its feathers.  

The Internet is the most powerful source to reach nooks and corners in the world easily. TamilGlitz makes use of the powerful tool Internet, it understood that this is the growing platform one can easily promote their ideas. 

Recently, TamilGlitz has reached many Internet users. It is popular among the users because of its catchy title and attractive immense contents. TamilGlitz pops up in the mind when people search for Regional News and Celebrity or Cinema related information. It has a wide range of resources to make the readers satisfied. The abundance in contents make the users go crazy over this media. This is how TamilGlitz is marked in the hearts of the various readers.

Many online platforms giving movie reviews but TamilGlitz movie reviews are always trustworthy and true information are being published. This attracts much more audiences to be on their website. TamilGlitz’s success yielded big projects like release of Movie Scenes, Trailers & Teasers of various production houses. With collaboration with production houses on Facebook and also Cover Public Speeches to our Regional loyal followers for the past 5 years. Tamil Glitz has been working on digital platforms for the past 7 years and has an aggregate of 5 million regional followers on Facebook and the official Facebook page has 1.1 million highly engaged followers.

A survey says that newspapers and magazines will die eventually in the future, then online platforms of digital publishers will be enhanced. Our TamilGlitz will be in a remarkable position which fills the place with Internet News publishers. Currently, TamilGlitz focuses on bringing the news to the audience in a composed and reliable manner. People can connect with their favorite digital media ‘TamilGlitz’ by one of the following social handles.

Twitter: @TamilGlitzin

Facebook: TamilGlitz.in

Instagram: @tamilglitz.in