5 Tallest Observation Wheels in the World

George W. Ferris constructed the world’s first Ferris wheel in 1893 for World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago. He started a trend and helped usher in the modern amusement park. With a height of 264 feet, it was considered an imposing sight. This giant structure attracted lots of attention of the visitors. Moreover, it was also a celebration of the Industrial Revolution. The original Ferris wheel was demolished in 1906. However, thousands of similar Ferris wheels have been erected till now.

However, one of the most distinctive and iconic examples of the rides is the Wonder Wheel, introduced in 1920 with a height of 150 ft. The ride is still taking passengers in its swinging cars with the famous boardwalk.

Wheels come in various sizes as well as can be found at many locations like amusement parks, traveling carnivals, or tourist destinations such as the 820-ft Ain Dubai at Bluewaters Island, Dubai.  The rides include enclosed cabins, rotating slowly referred to as observation wheels. Following are the 5 tallest observation wheels now operating in the world.ai

Ain Dubai- 820 ft.(250m)


Dubai already has the world’s tallest building and it now boasts the world’s tallest observation wheel. Ain Dubai is opened recently, located on a man-made island named as Bluewater island.  The observation wheel includes 48 cabins that can accommodate 1,750 passengers. However, a single revolution takes approx. 38 minutes.

Even though Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world, is standing at a whopping 250 meters The Dubai Eye Wheel dominates all the other wheels of its kind. The base of the structure serves as an entertainment zone with 48 capsules in order to provide extensive views of the Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and other landmarks. Book your Ain Dubai tickets with your friends or family to enjoy this delightful experience in Bluewaters island.

Dubai Ferris Wheel Construction

The Gigantic Observation wheel, Ain Dubai is constructed from 192 cable wires, 2,400km in length. In order to put things in perspective, it’s the same distance between Dubai and Cairo. Approx. 9000 tons of steel is used in the construction of the largest Ferris wheel.  Nearly 30% more than the amount of metal is used to build the Eiffel Tower and it has been designed to last for 60 years.

It’s surprising to know, the weight of its perimeter rim is the same as 16 Airbus A380 Jets. With 48 passenger capsules, Dubai eye wheel is set to carry around 1750 people, a true monster and of engineering. Book your Ain Dubai tickets to enjoy this amazing ride.

Ain Dubai development is home to Caesars Resort, Caesars Palace, and Residences. It’s easily accessible from the road bridge from Sheikh Zayed Road. You can also take a 15-minute walk by a pedestrian bridge from the Beach. 

High Roller- 550ft. (168m)

World's Largest Ferris Wheel Is Now Operational In Las Vegas

With a height of 168 meters, the High Roller in Las Vegas is considered the second-largest observation wheel in the world. This Observation wheel was constructed as part of Caesars Entertainment Corporation’s $550 million project. High Roller wheel welcomed its first passengers in 2014. Initially, the plans were for 32 passenger cabins. However, it features 28 cabins to accommodate 40 persons each. It’s fascinating to know, the ferris wheel rotates on custom-designed spherical bears with 360-degree views of The Strip and Las Vegas. The 30-minute ride is breathtaking and a popular venue for events, even weddings

A 2,000-LED system illuminates the wheel in the evening and displays a single solid and multiple colors moving around the rim. Custom displays for special events and holidays also take place. The entire experience is much better if you smoke a bit of cannabis at first, since weed is legal in Las Vegas.

As this is Vegas, drinks are sold at the base of the wheel as well as can also be brought along for the ride. The High Roller wheel offers a happy hour daily with cabins that feature bars and a bartender. It claimed the title of the largest observation wheel for several years until overshadowed by the Ain Dubai.

Singapore Flyer- 542ft (165m)

File:SG-singapore-flyer-1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Flyer was opened in 2008 along Marina Bay in Singapore.  The enormous wheel provides stunning views of nearby Indonesia and Malaysia. The 28 ​capsules are about the size of a mini-bus. Each capsule can hold 28 riders. Once it was the largest Ferris wheel in the world, but still it’s one of the iconic landmarks of Singapore. Although it is no longer the largest Ferris wheel globally, still it’s Asia’s largest Ferris wheel. It was opened to the public in March 2008 with air-conditioned capsules.

Since it’s opening, the ferris wheel Singapore Flyer has faced numerous breakdowns due to technical issues. In 2008 a breakdown by a short circuit in the control room took place, 173 people were stranded for more than six hours.

Star of Nanchang- 535 ft. (160m)

Star of Nanchang Ferris Wheel travel guidebook –must visit attractions in  Nanchang – Star of Nanchang Ferris Wheel nearby recommendation – Trip.com

The Star wheel was opened in 2006, located at the Nanchang Star Amusement Park in Nanchang, China. The Star of Nanchang, China was once the tallest Ferris wheel. Later on, it was upstaged by the Singapore Flyer. The observation wheel revolves at a height of 160m. Its 60 climate-controlled cabins can accommodate eight passengers with a total capacity of 480 passengers. The observation wheel has a number of lighting displays for an amazing show at night.

Similar to the London Eye, the Star of Nanchang also takes 30 minutes for a single rotation. The slow rotation allows the passengers to embark without the wheel stopping. It costs around $7.3 million to build. Despite the cost, it took just two years. 

London Eye- 443 ft (135m)

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London Eye is one of the iconic landmarks and the most popular paid tourist attraction. Standing at 135 meters, it is undoubtedly one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world. London Eye was considered the tallest Ferris wheel when it opened in 2000, but was surpassed by larger wheels. However, the operators still tout it as the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world.

The London Eye was not meant as a permanent attraction as it was meant to be around for just five years. Later on, the operators submitted an application for permanent status that was granted by the council.  There are 32 capsules in total which are numbered from 1 to 33 as the number 13 has been omitted for some superstitious reasons.

Each air-conditioned capsule can hold up to 25 passengers. The Ferris wheel completes a single revolution in 30 minutes. It does not stop to take on the passengers because the rotation is slow enough to move on or off. In March 2020, it was announced that the Eye would be bathed in blue every Thursday in order to support the NHS during the Covid-19 outbreak.