Talking to Your Child about Report Cards

The report card is only a formal document at children’s preschool to just record their progress. It comes with mixed feelings like surprising results, excitement, happiness, and so on. Sometimes it also impacts negatively when the progress of your little one is low. 

In preschool at Corpus Christi, mainly report cards to contain the grades about the children’s social and behavioral skills. It gives grades according to how children’s reading and writing skills improve. 

At this level, it’s important to focus on how children’s fundamental skills are developing. As on the strong base of the fundamental skills, the future of the children will be built.


How could you make one report card a big deal?


Always remember that a report card just contains your kid’s progress records. Through that, you’ll come to know about what your child learns in the preschool. It includes the record of children’s learning skills and how effectively kids participate in various activities. 

The weak report card affects children negatively as it comes with stress, tears, and frustration. For parents, it’s a sign that improvement is required in your child’s learning process.

Did you feel that report card time would be stressful?


Whether you are disappointed or happy with your child’s progress, discuss it to shape your little one’s future. 

Let’s go through some tips and tricks to discuss the report card with your child without negative impacts.


Stay Positive

While discussing the report card with your children, make sure your conversation flow is positive. Focus on some good points and start talking with that. First of all, encourage your children’s efforts. 

Always remember there is something positive, too, in every report card. Not everyone has excellent skills in every field. It might happen in some activities your kid is progressive, and in some other activities, they faced difficulties. 

Starting with the positive conversation, let your little one understand how to make more efforts to move ahead in other activities, they got lower grades. Encourage them and help them to focus and put more efforts where required.


Never Compare Your Kid’s Grade with Other’s Grades

Never forget that all children aren’t the same. It might be possible that your child has other skills than the other toddlers. Notice various skills and given remarks by the teachers. 

If in any activity they got good grades, don’t forget to encourage them with some positive statements like “Well done my child, you did excellent in Math.” And meanwhile, tell them you can get such grades in other activities also by putting more effort. 

Don’t make a mistake, by saying like your friend got such good grades, then why don’t you. Never put your child in such competition that they started feeling depressed, and it impacts negatively on their growth.


Notice The Efforts of Your Little One

Give your children a chance to explain their difficulties and struggles. Listen carefully about how they are facing issues in the performance in the child care development center. It might give you an idea about how you can help them to overcome their difficulties. 

By focusing only on lower grades, don’t push your little one step back. Notice their efforts for better performance. Encourage them to do more practice or suggest some other ways for improved skills. 

Not only grades are important for the development of various skills. If your children make enough effort, then also results won’t come, then sit quietly and explore more ways to get better results. 

Bonus Tip:

To track the performance, you should find 10-20 minutes from the daily schedule. Discuss with your children about their academic activities. Give them suggestions if they’re facing any difficulties in any learning or social activities. 

You can also schedule an appointment with the teachers in the early childhood learning center. Discuss with teachers how your child is active and how activities he/she is facing difficulties. Also, ask for suggestions for improvement and better performance. 


Other than just checking for the grades, parents should also check the comments of teachers. Teachers specified how your little one is facing difficulties, in particular, which activities. They also suggest various ways about how your efforts will be more progressive.

As for the growth of your toddler, early childhood education is important. Know more about why preschool is good for your little one.

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