Taking Your Time: The Joys and Benefits of Slow Travel

Once we’re out of the COVID-19 woods, many of us will enjoy and appreciate travel like never before. And if you really want to take in the sights and sounds, why not take it slow?

Though the phrase “slow travel” is new, the concept has been around for a while. It rejects the quantity-over-quality mindset of commercialized travel planning and embraces the things you can discover when you are taking your time.

Slow travel isn’t for everyone, but it provides a perfect option for many people who wouldn’t normally consider themselves travel-lovers. You don’t have to see everything on your list and move with a sense of urgency in order to have a good time. All you need is an observant eye and an appreciation for new things.

What is Slow Travel?

Slow travel is a conscious, intentional approach to getting around as a tourist or explorer. Rather than focusing on efficiency and trying to cram a lot of activity into one day, slow travel prioritizes the depth of the experience.

Sure, you might not get to visit as many different spots as you otherwise would in the same amount of time. But slow travel gives you an entirely new perspective on the transit process. Rather than seeing it as a useless piece of time that should be cut down as much as possible, you can see transit as another part of the sightseeing.

Even if you’re just taking the local bus, take a moment to notice what the buses in this area are like. Who’s sitting around you? What scenes are you passing by?

Developing an Appreciation For Slowness

Slow travel helps you treat every part of the travel experience as valuable. And it’s not just for transit—it can describe the day’s plans as well.

When you’re traveling slow, you can spend more time at each destination. There’s not a new place to get to immediately after. This way, you can take the time to see things you might not have noticed before.

Thoughtful Transportation Choices in Slow Tourism

When you’re traveling slow, you have the time to make some out-of-the-ordinary choices for transportation. As they say, the journey can be the destination.

For example, you can opt for a scenic train ride to get to your next location. This might take a while longer than a short plane ride, but it’ll allow you to see more on the way. And instead of taking a taxi or ride-share to get to nearby spots, you can walk or bike.

The bonus here is that many “slow travel” modes of transportation are more environmentally conscious than their counterparts. They can be more pleasant as well, as long as you keep an open mind.

You might even want to rent your own transportation, like an RV from Leisurelandrvcenter.com. This way, you can go at your own pace and stop whenever you see something interesting.

Take It Slow

So once the pandemic is over and travel restrictions are lifted, ease back into things with slow travel. You might see fewer tourist destinations, but you’ll experience much more at each place you visit.

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