Taking The Road Less Traveled, Entrepreneur Shubham Saini Paved His Way To Success

As the saying goes, “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!” And that couldn’t be more true about entrepreneurship. With a sharp mind and business insight, Shubham Saini has built an empire at the mere age of 20. He paved his way to success by taking the road less traveled and achieved the unbelievable feat of owning more than 10 firms.

At present, Shubham is the proud owner of M/s SR Malakar and ten other companies which are spread across the different fields of construction, mining, automobiles, event management, and many more. The entrepreneur who is from Rajasthan has brought his dreams to reality and is living life like a king-size. Setting his footprints in the field of management first, Shubham then expanded his work in the event management and the construction business.

When asked about what challenges he faced in the business, Saini revealed that it was the competition. Many took him for granted because of his age but this talented guy defied all the odds and is now a successful name across Rajasthan. Along with his multiple business ventures, Shubham Saini has also been a philanthropist. Time and again, he has come forward and helped many people by making huge donations. Besides his intellect and creative business mind, it is his humbleness and down to earth behaviour that has made Shubham Saini a notable name in the business world.

To understand the business closely, he started with his research in 2016. “I believe that you must do your homework before you are off to any work. Significantly, you understand the market before planning to establish a business or taking it forward”, quoted the 20-year old entrepreneur. Keeping a tab on the competitors in the market, Shubham has made sure that his company stands out from its contemporaries.