The unified version of Lawsyst has been designed to facilitate each and every entity operates in a legal firm. With this unique legal practice software, faultless account and accurate bookkeeping performance are inevitable. The add-ons are time tracking, calendar, case management, CRM, etc. The amazing feature in this legal billing software in UAE carries out significant operations, namely: create and post bills and invoices, register entries via phone clicks and/or manual handling.  


The strong point of dominance of Lawsyst that it entertains almost every practice area. So, any law novice, seasoned practitioner and attorney can use and improve chances of growing practice naturally. Our criminal law software creates more buzz than any alternative practice domain, because of its holistic way to deal with large number of cases on and on. The powerful software buffers in spiking your productivity, which tends to grow your legal network.

Although, lawsyst is the successful cluster of software but key to address simplification and unified concept is deeply in-built and highly noticeable. The synchronization can be observed from each case like, say in case of calls and their recordings attachment to the particular case. It is beyond praise that lawsyst has contrived effective CRM and lead generation traits altogether.

It holds huge data in documented library coupled with integrated cloud system, which carry public and private systems. And topped with secure firewall, data encryption mode, files transfer and easy backup channels.


This legal billing software in UAE equips in creating attendance notes, time entries, calculating rates and fees as per regions’ assigned notifications. It helps in analysing reports on costs and taxes, lawyers can direct their billing to other software linked to Lawsyst. In addition, bookkeeping and accounting are extra attributes Lawsyst provides its’ users to.

This significant built-in factor is ideal for lawyers who face with time shortage and quality bookkeeping skills. We understand the urgency and accuracy are ultimate requirements for any criminal attorney, by which Lawsyst’s criminal law software is well-equipped with.

Having said that billing and invoice extends profuse performance, we mean by a spontaneous CRM and durable tracking device impacts and its’ sparkle effects on your legal customers numbers. Duly manage customers by each case and keep records, sync calls with tools you use to connect, prompt chat modules; every presence can be assessed and induce in your server.

This criminal law software has been created to provide feasible billing options to legal attorneys, and law agencies. The flexibility is shown from different payment packages crafted to engage with lawyers in practice of different grades.       

In a quick rundown, if you’re facing difficulty in accounts, CRM and time recording, Join Lawsyst and avail the free trial service. Plus, it is not the virtues per se that are manageable, but Lawsyst’s is the perfect depiction of how to increase law practice organically.

Shaikh sahab

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